Monday, 13 February 2012

Key Pieces to A Gorgeous Wardrobe! (Part 1)

The following items will help you establish your look. They are all versatile and can be used to build your wardrobe.

Little Black Dress: After nearly a century, the LBD dress is still one of the greatest fashion innovations ever (thank you, Coco Chanel!). Finding a well-fitting one is essential. And thankfully, this isn't difficult, since every designer seems to offer at least one variation. Whether yours is A-line or strapless, a wrap style or a classic shape, you can wear it with tights, belted, layered with a cardigan or blazer, or just by itself and make your LBD last through the seasons. When I'm completely at a loss for what to wear, this is one of my favourite go-to's, particularly if I need to look extra-polished. Pair it with ankle boots, stilettos, or flats depending on whether you're looking to dress up or dress it down.

Jeans: Denim is necessary in any wardrobe. And regardless of your body type, with all of the styles out there, you're sure to find a pair that will look great on you - don't give up in the dressing room until you've found the ones! While you aren't about to wear jeans to a black-tie event (or to prom, for that matter), you can wear them almost everywhere else. A dark wash is the most versatile: black and deep blues are super flattering, and they look fancier, too.

And that's it for today! The rest will be soon to follow, so come back soon!


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