Thursday, 6 September 2012

Curly Girls: Preserving a Blow-Out/Making Waves

Naturally curly hair (like I have) is so hard to straighten and have it last. I have semi-curly hair (my hair is only curly at the ends) so mine lasts a bit longer but it still flicks out and twists back into shape by the end of the day! So today, as I'm about do my hair in a minute, I thought I would show you guys my technique on how to make it last. I got this from The Beauty Department...thank you! Here it is and after the picture, make sure you click 'read more' more!

  1. Apply whatever styling aid you prefer. Whether it's an oil or cream or mousse, your choice.
  2. Always blow-out using the nozzle and point it downwards with a round brush to smooth the cuticle. I strongly suggest a good hairdryer, it makes all difference. Once your done drying, you can add some subtle wave back in by doing a rope twist. Note: Some people may ask “Why would you blow out curls just to put them back in?” But girls with curls know there is a huge difference between natural curls and curling iron waves. If you’d rather wear it straight the next day, just continue these steps without curling.
  3. To do a rope twist is easier than you think, but with long hair. If you have long hair carry on reading this step if not skip to the next one (for short hair). Split your hair into a center part and then into two sections. With your left section, divide that into two. Then just simple twist. Like a rope. If your still unsure, watch this video.
  4. Ok, so if you short hair, after you've blow-dried it, if you want to create waves just simply divide your hair into two sections down the middle. Twist and then coil onto your hair like Princess Leia! Twist and pin, that simple.
  5. Sleep...
  6. When you wake up in the morning, brush your hair out and apply a styling product of your choice and then hairspray. 
  7. Voila!

This might help too. Thank you Beauty Department!

Sorry this was such a long post, bye guys and good luck!


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