Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Dream Job:

I've often talked about my dream job before; becoming a stylist or fashion designer. But recently, I had an interview at school about by future and my career, put into reality. Apparently fashion journalism is the career path I should think about going down. To be honest, I never really thought about this job option but after doing a little bit of research, I am gobsmacked at how I didn't even think about it! Being a columnist in a top fashion magazine doesn't sound too bad does it?! Although, it is a very hard career to seize. Well, I thought that some of you may be searching for your dream job too and wish to peruse the same sort of career as me; so here is some info I found out:

The Job:
A Fashion Journalist is someone who communicates fashion news, reviews and advice through magazines, newspapers, websites, TV or radio. They usually write about fashion trends, catwalk shows, street styles and/or celebrity trends (perfect!).

The Qualifications Needed:
  • A minimum of a grade C/B in gcse English
  • Possibly an A Level in English of minimum grade C
  • Possibly a gcse in Media Studies of minimum grade C
  • A degree in English, Journalism, or other fashion course
  • A love of fashion!

The Skills
  • Good organisation
  • Basic I.T skills
  • Good English
  • Identify current/ future trends
But of course, just because you have all this doesn't mean you'll just waltz your way into being the next Vogue editor. Fashion journalism is the perfect example of the phrase 'start at the bottom and work your way up the ladder'. But remember, a good blog is the way to start :)


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