Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Photo Diary: Christmas Shopping in London

A few weeks ago my sister and I went on a little adventure. Where to? You guessed it, London! London is always the best place for Christmas shopping and as usual, I came away with a few goodies. Check out my instagram here.

First, a quick pit stop in Starbs.

A little peppermint hot chocolate was enough to charge me up for some hard-core shopping.

From Oxford, Bond to Regent Street, we flocked our ways through the bustling crowds to grab all our Christmas pressies. We loved how all of the shops are decked out in Christmas decorations and play jolly music in the background (singing while you shop = Christmas).

Pit stop #2. We can always count on good ol' Whole Foods for a good lunch. I had the delicious stove-baked pizza while my sister had a mini roast dinner. We had a quick (or long rather) snoop around the beauty department before heading back to Fortnum & Mason.

And that's where it all begins.

Just look at that tree.

Then came the Christmas department; let's just say that I literally collapsed and died when I stepped foot inside. (If you did't guess by now, yes, I'm a Christmas-fanatic).

From baubles to garlands, to Christmas tree-scented sprays to wreaths. It was all there. Everything you can imagine.



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