Friday, 25 February 2011

Monday, 14 February 2011

Celeb Beauty Products

  1. Scarlett Johansson's £22 Lipstick - "When I need to turn up the glamour, I wear red lipstick. It's great for many things such as if your feeling low it makes you feel fantastic! And if your lips are quite thin its a great natural plumper!" the 26-year-old star confesses about her favourite Dolce & Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick, £22.
  2. Gwyneth Paltrow's £3.15 Toning Spray - It's a soothing water spray for irritated skin. It's also good as a quick refresher on a hot day. I know lots of make-up artists who use it, as it helps set make-up" says Gwyneth. Avene Eau Thermale, £3.15
  3. Fearne Cotton's £3.42 Dry Shampoo - " I love Mark Hill products. Especially Mark Hill Holiday Hair Dry Shampoo, £3.42 because not only does it wash your hair but it gives texture and volume.
  4. Tess Daly's £16 Luxury Hairspray - " I adore this hairspray. I only add Aveda Volumizing Hair Spray, £16 to the ends of my hair to stop split ends from occurring and it also gives a great look too. I sleep in the hairspray then wash it out in the morning.
  5. Daisy Lowe's £10.99 Mascara - " I can't live without my Max Factor False Eye Lash Effect, £10.99 because it really is the best mascara. It doesn't only just extend and make the lashes black but it gives a thicker, fuller look.


Saturday, 12 February 2011

Black Swan Beauty

Natalie Portman had a huge hit with this swan look. No, it doesn't take a make-up artist to do this look! Iv'e been practicing on ways to make the 'eyes' easier for you guys to do and I've done it! Here's the simplest and best way to do the eyes.

  • Use a brown pencil in the crease of your eye to get a guideline for the shape of the finished look. It also defines the socket and adds a bit of drama.
  • Use TOPSHOP CREAM EYE SHADOW IN HEAVY METAL, £7, from the lash line to the pencil line, and take it towards the outer corners for a winged shape.
  • Next apply black kohl pencil under the bottom lashes and in the outer corner of the lid, flicked out to define the wing shape and lashes.
  • Use LANCOME OMBRE MAGNETIQUE IN DISCO SILVER, £22.98, from the inner corner, halfway along the lash line. Finish with coral lipstick.
  • Prep hair with SCANDALOUS SHIMMER SERUM, £5.99, then straighten it for a smooth finish. Use a paddle brush to smooth into a high ponytail
  • Get a hair doughnut (look in my blog archive for 'how to do a doughnut bun').
  • Add a clip-in hairpiece (try the ones at by attaching it close the the base of the ponytail. The doughnut will hide the join
  • Twist hair around the doughnut to hide it and create a thick bun. Use your paddle brush, plenty of hairspray and Kirby grips to keep slick and smooth.
You might even be mistaken for Natalie if you wear a tutu too!!!!!


Sizzling Valentine's Gifts!

Vanya Necklace - £14

YSL Ring - £180

Dior Hypnotic Poison Perfume - £46

Myla Lingerie - £168 for both knickers and bra

Louis Vuitton Keyring - £200

Moschino 'Love' Top - £210

Clinique Lip Gloss Set - £220.5

Marc Jacobs Purse Spray - £42

Nars Nail Gift Set - £44

Carolina Herrera Bangles - £35 each

Harrods 'Feed Love' Shopper Bag - £30


Friday, 11 February 2011

My New Blog!

I'm really enjoying this blog so I decided to do another blog just about dresses. This blog is more about fashion and style my new one about dresses is more based on weddings, proms and party dress advice. Please go and take a look, . If your going to a party and your frustrated on what type/colour dress you want then just take a look at my new blog. Going to/having a wedding? Just take a look at my new blog. Going to a school prom? Just take a look at my new blog! I won't be doing that blog as much as this one is my main one.

Please take a look at it. Thank You!!!!!


Saturday, 5 February 2011

Whitney Port: The New Style Icon For Spring

Mish-mash patterns, a colour block dress, bright colours, silky fabrics and biker boots - what us girls would do for her wardrobe! Whitney gave us a sneak peak of her new spring collection from 'Whitney Eve' wearing a satsuma silk blazer with abstract pattern inside, a camel and blue strap dress, pale skin tights and black biker boots to give an edge. I personally love this look but some people may not. I like the colour blocking and the texture of every fabric, I also love the way she gave it an edge with those black shiny biker boots.

Friday, 4 February 2011

How To Backcomb Your Hair Properly

This look is what I call 'Eton Mess' (No, not the dessert!!!!) because Eton is posh (all the posh girleees have this look) and mess because its very messy. This is somewhere between cotton wool and candy floss, but too cutesy to fit the bed-head collection. Frustrated on how to do it? Here's some pointers to lead you into the right direction...
  1. Start by curling your hair (big pieces)
  2. Apply some dry shampoo to give it texture and volume.
  3. IF YOU WANT... apply some Kevin Murphy Powder Puff, £15.45, for more volume.
  4. Get a small-toothed brush, grab some strands of hair and gently brush the opposite way (towards your head)
  5. Spritz on loads of hairspray, practically the whole can!
Products I advise you to use:
  • Label M Dry Shampoo, £10.50
  • Kevin Murphy Powder Puff, £15.45
  • Umberto Giannini Backcomb In A Bottle, £5.99
I especially recommend 'Umberto Giannini Backcomb In A Bottle' as it does what the name implies!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Katy's Turning Ladylike!

NOOOOOOOO! Where's our fun-loving, candy-dressing, California firework that gives us our Monday-morning boost when we hear she's been dressing in yet another rubber suit! However I'm loving her new Mrs Brand thinking. "Now I'm a married lady I need to act my age' she said to Cosmopolitan Magazine. Katy, age 26, is ditching the carousel mini's and rubber duckies for knee-length frocks that she keeps minimal. In the picture, doesn't she look stunning? She nails the ''I'm so cold but who cares, I'm selling my 'Purr' perfume!!!!'' look right on the head. Take note ladies, look what she's wearing...
  • Statement purple-beaded necklace
  • Two single black bracelets
  • Blue suede wrap winter dress
  • Black tights
  • Black Christian Louboutin's
  • Not forgetting her signature perfume , Purr and for loads more information.


Massive Spring Beauty Trends!


Acid Wash - Think of everything you knew about bright colours, then add a couple of hundred watts and your in 2011 territory! OK, so bright blue lips aren't for everyone, but try out some lemon nails or green eyes as seen at Betty Jackson and just see how happy your face looks, even without a smile on it. This is some serious mood-boosting make-up.

Chalky Pastels - Just because they're pastels doesn't mean they can't be super-bright. Lin=me green can be chalky too, as demonstrated on the Alberta Ferretti catwalk to perfection, and universally flattering lilac was popular both Etro and Mary Katranzou went varying degrees on thier models. It's like those first spring doffodils in powder form!

Metallic Copper - From full-on copper-dipped lips and lashes at Rodarte, to beautiful metallic gloss lid at Donna Karen, this year gold and silver have been bumped out of the make-up bag in favour of their more refined cousin - copper. Meet the new metallic in your life: its warmer, more flattering, and mush easier to pull off in the sunnier months.


Nicki Minaj Streaks - First there was Lady GaGa and fashion went nuts for yellow ends, now since the s/s shows, everyone's loving painted rainbow streaks. Yes, you heard me right. Alexandre Herchcovitch and JJ Smith went neon bright and heavily textured. I'm not suggesting you crack open the Dulux paint, but a few prettily placed extension streaks should nail it. To find out more information search 'Nicki Minaj with rainbow streaks' in a search engine.

Tangerine Dresses

The hot new colour for spring 2011 is tangerine. It enhances a natural glow and screams out spring. This colour looks great with colour block and clashing accessories such as pink neon, navy blue and sunshine yellow. Keep it minimal as this colour is so bright, you don't need lots of accessories to stand out. If you have pale skin, stick to a warmer shade of tangerine to avoid looking washed out.

Who's been seen wearing a tangerine frock already:
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Kate Bosworth
  • Whitney Port
  • Beyonce
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Vanessa Hudgens

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A Passion For Fashion

I first became interested in fashion at my primary school. On non-uniform days my friends always use to look nicer than me so I decided to up my wardrobe. I have an older sister and she's really interested in fashion too just not high fashion (she'll probably hate me for saying that!). My sister's friend is really interested in fashion too. She has a huge designer wardrobe; Christian Louboutin, Vivienne Westwood and lots more! I've always like drawing but when I hit 11 I brought a 'designer doodle book' which is a book where you have to draw all about fashion and show your creations. Then I brought the Miley Cyrus autobiography and she said that she was obsessed with high fashion for 5 seconds, even though for Miley it was 5 seconds to me I know it will be forever. I've brought/read/been inspired by many things and people and i'm ready for more!

The person that inspires me the most is Christian Louboutin. His first job was in an office. One of his colleges used to wear bright red lipstick, bright red nail varnish and bright red high heels to the office everyday. He loved the gloss, the shine, the colour and so he brought a pair of high heels and decided to paint the sole of the high heel red. However it wasn't with paint, it was with red lipstick (to give the redness) and red nail varnish (to give the gloss). He then showed his boss and now he's the top designer for shoes. I think his story is so inspiring, coming from something so small to so huge and famous (not to mention rich!). This just shows that you can really go far in life if your willing to put in the good hard work.

P.S I hope you like this post. It's not the most exciting, it's all about me but at the least I hope your inspired! (In picture is Christian Louboutin himself!)