Monday, 29 November 2010

Ideal Christmas Presents for Her: PART 1

Do you want clothes for Christmas? But you can't really find anything that catches your eye? Well listen hear to find out where and what clothes to get for Christmas.

Topshop- Good for heavy knits which is good for Christmas because Topshop are really trendy with their knits and the 'knit' is really thick and heavy, so it will keep you warm. Topshop are pretty much good for everything!

Jack Wills- Amazing for everything especially coats as they are really cute and warm. Although they are expensive, Jack Wills items are worth every penny.

This season; winter jumpers are so cute. Buy a novelty one ( a knitted jumper with some kind of winter embellishment; such as a Christmas tree on the front or snowballs around the collar). Also knitted crops seem to be really popular. I don't particularly like them but it depends on the colour, how short it is and the design. Try to get a neutral colour like grey or white or black and pair it with plain blue jeans and a plain top underneath. Also get one that's long-sleeved and sits just below the belly button. Big cables or romantic writing like kiss...kiss...kiss ( inspiration from Topshop!). My sister recently brought one. It was grey, had cables, is long-sleeved and sits just below the belly button. She paired it with faded flared jeans, a light blue t-shirt underneath and some cute earrings with matching bracelets. It looked really classy so try to stick with what I've advised you.

Now, if you're getting clothes for Christmas make sure you get it from an expensive shop (that's why I suggested Topshop and Jack Wills) because someone is getting you it for Christmas, a cheap-and-cheerful one will be a waste of money. Plus next Christmas that person might not get you one because you didn't make it last!


Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sweet Smelling Scents for Christmas!

Daisy Marc Jacobs- white, black and red- £60 each

Alien Mugler Show Collection and couture bracelet-£48.50

Versace bright crystal limited edition- £57

Vikter and Rolf flower bomb- £78.50

Jean Paul Gaultier classique charm- £66.50

Lola Marc Jacobs- £55 with body lotion and shower gel

J'Adore Dior- £78

Radiance Britney Spears- £28

Calvin Klein black- £23.69

Vivienne Westwood naughty Alice-£55

Kate Moss vintage muse-£38

Chanel No5- £75

Gucci by Gucci brown- £34.26

Gucci rush- £45

Ralph Lauren romance- £32

Ralph Lauren notorious- £34

Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren- £36

Giorgio Armani acqua di gioia- £33

Calvin Klein euphoria- £43

These are all amazing women fragrances, so make sure you get them wrapped up and under your Christmas tree. My favourite ( and the one im getting for Christmas) is Daisy Marc Jacobs in white!


Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Olivia Palermo at Mango

Hooray, its finally here! Olivia Palermo designs her own collection for Mango. She has amazing style, its really classy and sophisticated-as you can see in the picture. Her hair is chip choppy, her silk blouse is casual and just thrown on, he trousers are long and create length to her legs. Doesn't she look amazing? Her favourite piece at Mango is a purple sequin one-shouldered mini dress. " its an awesome dress, it fits all sizes and compliments all body shapes." She said to LOOK Magazine. Another one of her favourite's is a brown wrap knotted dress. Her whole collection is beautiful.

You might of seen/heard Olivia on The City- An American t.v program which also featured Whitney Port. They both work for ELLE Magazine. Olivia is 25 years old and is living the designer dream and lifestyle. You will never, ever, ever,ever,ever,ever see her in 'normal clothes' like a tracksuit or jeans and a t-shirt. She is always smothered in the most designer brands- even some are un-heard of!

To find out more about Olivia Palermo visit either or

Monday, 22 November 2010

Miley's Super-Hot Dress!

Yesterday at the AMA's, ( American Music Awards) Miley was seen wearing a beautiful Marchesa dress. As you can see in the picture, it is a white 'mummy' mini dress with a dramatic train. Some people say it looks to old for a 18 year old. She paired her 'mummy' mini with stunning Neil Lane jewellery and Christian Louboutin sequin heels. Also she wore red nail varnish and gorgeous glossy hair. Recently her hair has been looking frizzy and out-of-control, but at there it looks really shiny, smooth and volumized. She later performed ' who owns my heart'. I LOVE that song!!!! Well her birthday is tomorrow ( Tuesday 23rd November 2010) so ...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILEY!!

Who also went to the AMA's:

1) Taylor Swift- straightened her hair!
2)Rhianna- had an afro!
3)Katy Perry- with long hair!
4) Pink- with white hair!
5) Heidi Klum- with a see-through dress!
6) Fergie- with a very strange dress!?
7) Jessica Alba- with her hair straight back off her face and looking very serious!
8) Julianne Hough- with brown hair!
9) Whitney Port- wearing a Raefal Cennamo dress!
10) Kelly Osbourne- with bouffanted hair! ( I almost mistaken her for Katie Waissal!)
11) Mandy Moore- with an obvious spray tan!!!!
12)Sheryl Crow- with a bohomeian maxi!
13)Ke$ha- No comment!

To find out more information on Miley and the AMA's visit and/

Sunday, 21 November 2010


These are so lady-like and smart looking you could almost where them everywhere! Even though the heel is 6 inches! Kristin Davis ( who was yesterday seen on the red carpet wearing them) says they are really hard to walk in because the heel is really chunky and the front of the shoe is really flat. They look so cute, don't they? They come in so many colours; blue velvet with gold heel, black velvet with black heel and loads more! The shoe in the picture is a very Christmas-spirit shoe so wear them at your Christmas party! The only thing is with these shoes it doesn't really say 'Louis Vuitton' anywhere apart from inside the shoe.

What do I wear with them:
  • A plain knee-length skirt that is the same colour as the velvet on the shoe.
  • A mid-sleeve fitted blazer that comes in a neutral colour eg. beige, nude
  • A plain mid-length sleeve top.
  • Instead of a skirt and top go for a LBD make sure it is mid-knee and mid-length sleeve.
Who has been seen wearing them:
  • Kristin Davis
  • Alexa Chung
  • Kate Moss
  • Ashley Olsen
  • Doutzen Kroes
  • Adriana Lima
  • Dita Von Teese
  • Carey Mulligan
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Olivia Palermo
  • Blake Lively
  • Leighton Meester
  • Annalynne McCord

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

And The Winners Are...


I have naturally curly hair but sometimes can go wavy, so here are the products I use to get ringlet curly hair!

Umberto Giannie shampoo and conditioner: £6.00 each

Umberto Giannie Curling Spray: £5.00

Tony & Guy Curling Serum: £6.00

Tony & Guy Beach Curl Hairspray: £8.00


Saturday, 13 November 2010

Is This Girl The New Jimmy Choo?

OUCH! Try walking on those metal skyscrapers! Shoe designer Chau Har Lee has suddenly got a packed diary. Kate Moss recently called in a pair of her skyscraper, made-to-order shoes for a photo-shoot, American Vogue editor Anna Wintour has viewed her collection and CNN has been clamouring for an interview. Chau is 30 years old and finished her MA last year, but she's being hailed as the UK's most promising new shoe designer. As well as winning an award to exhibit at London Fashion Week, she's also a star of Room 6, the luxury lounge in Selfridges new shoe galleries. Alongside Balenciaga and Christian Louboutin , you'll find Chau's 'Eng' ( the shoes above - 'Eng' is the name!) leather shoe with its killer, 12cm stainless-steel heel. Inspiration for her heel-less heels, acrylic wedges and wooden platforms comes from futuristic '60s designers like Pierre Cardin, but Chau doesn't have a highbrow fashion background -she grew up in central London council flat. "I wasn't really a fashion kid, but I've always enjoyed making things, with five children, there wasn't much money growing up. My mum taught us to be really resourceful- we'd make doll's houses and play with scraps and threads. She used to do dressmaking, and taught me sewing." Her mum wanted her to grow up like a traditional Chinese lady. Her mum is from South Korea and her dad is from the Philippines. " I never expected or actually wanted to be what I am today but I love my success and intend to stick to my career. I have meant some amazing people and I would just like to say thank you for the people that helped me get to where I am today." Check out Chau Har Lee's designs on Google or other search engines. Type in Chau Har Lee then either 'Eng', 'Jes', 'Hoy' or 'Yuk'. Please take a look! By the way the first picture is 'Hoy' and the second is Chau wearing 'Eng'. 'Eng' costs £1,500! Want to buy a pair!!!!???


Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Look Of The Day: Taylor Swift in Z Spoke By Zac Posen

Taylor Swift is having a whirlwind week. She's due to perform at the Country Music Awards this evening, just a day after taking home the award for Songwriter of the Year at Nashville's 58th Annual BMI
Taylor even looked like a winner in a sparkling Z Spoke by Zac Posen bustier dress. The halter cut perfectly suited Taylor's slim frame, helping to add curves in all the right places. The singer matched the glitz of the dress with her usual beauty look: dark, dramatic eyeliner, a soft, retro updo and delicate diamond drop earrings. I think she always looks nice personally but she always wears the same type of thing. Short, flowy dresses with her signature oxford shoes.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Autumn Trends!

Purple Gaze: Summer's violet shadow is giving way to plum. Add a little edge to the trend like Kristen Stewart by overlaying a pink shade with a shimmer of deep purple.

Ombre Waves: Stars like Rachel Bilson are refusing to choose between blonde and brunette, graduating their hair colour from chocolate at the roots to honey at the tips

Bouffant Bun: Now that the weather cooling off the chignon is becoming a hot look, with stars like Whitney Port turning the style into a red-carpet staple

Mauve Manicure: Last season's mushroom polish has a little competition. Stars like Drew Barrymore are painting their nails in dusky mauve, a go-with-everything hue that works especially well with fall's paler skin tones

Vampy Lips: Crimson lipstick is returning with a vengeance on stars like Jessica Alba , who keeps the look chic rather than goth by keeping her eye makeup neutral and softly smoky

Sleek Ponytail: Blake Lively gives the ponytail a high-fashion transformation by keeping the crown sleek and securing it directly opposite her chin.

Side Fringes: Growing in bangs has never been more fashionable.Sandra Bullock creates a wide side part and sweeps her eye-grazing fringe across her forehead.

Naturals: Subtle makeup is never out of style, but Sienna Miller freshens up the look for fall by using the same flush of pink on her lips and cheeks


Monday, 8 November 2010

Cheekbone Booster and Vampy Lips!

You know how lovely you look when you cheeks go all pink from the wind chill? Well what better time to recreate it and give your paler skin a much-needed brightening boost. To stop this looking too cutesy, team coral pink blush with dark glossy lips. The two balance each other out so you'll look FOXy ( get it ??) and feminine all at once. To find out more visit


STEP 1: Pat MAC Cream Blush in Rich Coral, £ 16.50, onto the apples of your cheeks and buff the colour into your skin with your fingers for a natural effect.

STEP 2: Go over the top with Sleek Blush in Flamingo, £ 3.99, using a fat brush with most of the colour tapped off. Build it up until your cheeks are as bright as you dare.

STEP 3: Line lips with Barry M Lip Liner in black, £2.95, filling in lips as a base. Apply Topshop Lips in Vamp, £6, using a brush, then follow with a gloss!

Chic Choppy Bobs!

Wolf whistle alert! Keira Knightley's super-chic, swishy bobs are the hottest thing right now. And the best news is, the soft layered texture means this 'do suits everyone. And it makes fine hair look thicker, too. Ask your hairdresser for a graduated chin-length bob with a few blunt choppy layers. It's easy to maintain as well- just tip your head upside down, blast it dry, then use a serum to texturize the ends. Not only is it Keira with this hairstyle but it is also....

  • Scarlett Johansson!
  • Nicole Richie!
  • Danni Minnogue!
  • Paris Hilton!
  • Nicola Roberts!
  • Emma Roberts!
  • Maggie Gyellenhaal!
  • Lilly Allen!
  • Heidi Klum!
Get the look right now and get more more information on

The Hot New Trend: FALSE FRINGES!

What? I hear you ask! We've all fallen dead because of a fringe disaster before and spent months growing it out. Avert future fringe freak-outs- they're easier to cheat than you think, plus they're a huge trend for autumn. So what's a FALSE fringe? Well its sort of difficult to explain but its basically a bit of your hair pulled to the side to kind-of make a false fringe. It works though! Its a really good remedy so please try it. Here's how to do it;

STEP 1: Section off the front of your hair and prep with Fekkai Coiff Bouffant Lifting & Texturizing Spray Gel, £16 ( its the best you'll ever get!)

STEP 2: Using large tongs, take the entire section and wrap it around the tong. Hold for a five seconds, then release.

STEP 3: Backcomb at the roots to give the fringe some hold. Without this, it'll flop in your face within seconds.

STEP 4: Brush the section over to one side and spritz with Pantene Pro-V Secret Support Flexi Hold Hairspray, £3.29 ( again its the best you'll ever get!)

Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Shoes Kim Can't Put In The Cuboard!

Have a guess how much they cost? Have a guess where they are from? They are from Christian Louboutin and cost £1,025!! Really there is a limit, that is ridiculous. I don't even like them! It is actually stupid that celebrities are willing to pay over £1000 for clothes. Anyway, those Louboutins are getting a lot of outings! Kim Kardashian trots in high style, rocking fierce Christian Louboutin leopard booties in N.Y.C., London and Paris.( Describing picture to the far left.) Louis Vuitton luggage? Check! Herm├ęs tote? Check! Armed with her favorite French designer bags, Kim makes a fierce layover at Heathrow in route to her tour of Paris in a belted cape and her must-have leopard print booties. In picture 2 she is out and about in Paris. In picture 3 she is also in Heathrow, like picture 1, she has her Louis Vuitton luggage with her!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Hot Jewellery!

Jewellery so complete's an outfit. It depends on what jewellery you put with your outfit though. Listen close for what jewellery to put with your casual, everyday outfits.

Bohemian Style: You need lots of jewellery with a boho outfit. Bracelets/bangles are the vital thing here, Vanessa Hudgens has a HUGE craving for the boho style and wears soooooo many bangles. "I usually wear 6/7 bangles at a time and the brighter and more colourful the better!" , she tells Heat Magazine.

Beachy Style: Less is more in this one. Just go for either a statement necklace or some cute earings. Make sure they are colourful, big and bright to get that summer feel.

Preppy Style: Again less is more in this one. Go for some pearl studs or some cute rings. You can also go for a small pendant necklace.

Classy Style: This sort of links in with an evening style but make sure your jewellery is to the standard it should be. Pearls, diamonds and other jems look really expensive and very classy. If you can/want to buy some designer jewellery, like Chanel, Tiffany & co, Marc Jacobs and loads more!!!

Vintage Style: Feathers, pearls, bandanna's and antique brooches just complete the look. Katie Waissel and Amy Winehouse always have the vintage look. Try to buy a studded leather jacket with a black and white image top ( Topshop do loads!) Red, black, white, pearl, dark green, dark yellow and dark navy are the best colours for that vintage effect alongside lace. Also red lips and white eye-shadow is excellent makeup.


Thursday, 4 November 2010

A Classic Shoe Wardrobe

Well it kind of depends on how old you are but I am basing this on me and and my friend Amy's shoe wardrobe. She said things like flats, converse and more casual shoes. I agree, people have more casual shoes than dressy shoes, it's a fact.

The most famous designer shoe brands: Christian Louboutin, Prada, Alexander McQueen, Rock and Republic, Jaeger, Fendi and Miu Miu.

1. Converse are the big deal at the moment. All the young celebs have them. Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are just a few young celebs that are spotted daily wearing there Converse. Miley has plain black, Taylor an orange pair with a purple rim and Selena has plain navy. These are casual shoes- big time! So go pair them with skinny jean, a cute t-shirt and some mega accessories.

2. Embellished flats must be cute and dressy. They are more of a evening shoe, make sure they are embellished- sparkles, patterned , bows on them , stripes, diamonds and brooches. They come in so many colours

3. Sandals/ flip flops - try and buy gladiator sandals as they look the most fancy and go with pretty much everything. Go for a tanned colour, white or black pair as they will go with lots of summer and spring items. Flip flops need to be bright and colourful. Make sure they are comfortable and stable.

4. Some sort shoe with a small a heel. My gladiator sandals have a small wedge to them which is great because when I wear a dress with them my legs look longer and thinner plus they were the only ones in the store!

5. UGG boots are again the big deal at the moment. I advise you to go for real ones as they will last longer, keep clean, nicer fur inside and you don't walk over in them. Plus they come in so many colours and styles whereas fake ones only come in black, brown or beige, don't keep clean, fur inside is weird and you walk over in them big time!

6. Ankle boots give every casual outfit such a cute flair. Mine are form River Island , they were £32 and are suede. I brought them last year and they STILL look brand new! These last forever and will always be in style.


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Celebrity Make-up Tips


"I like using Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths at the end of my work day on the set," says Leighton Meester of her favourite time-saving skin saver. "I can quickly take my make-up off without water and go about my day."


Brooklyn Decker's beachy hair is her secret weapon, which she credits to nothing more than a post-shower side braid styled with Living Proof: No Frizz and left to dry naturally. "You don’t have to take an iron to it. You don’t have to take a blow dryer to it. There’s no damage done, and it’s just the easiest, quickest way to have that beachy hair," she tells People Magazine.


"What makes working with Jennifer easy is her beauty and the familiarity of knowing her, having done her make up for so many years," says Jennifer Aniston's Cougar Town make-up artist Robin Siegel. So what's the one trick she never skips on set? Curling the eyelashes before mascara, which opens the eyes and visually lengthens lashes


"I always do the moisturizer first and let it sink in for a minute," says the Wizard's of Waverly Place star Selena Gomez to People Magazine. "When you put moisturizer on you don’t need as much makeup – and you actually look better."


The most high-impact secret Lauren Conrad stole from her makeup artist Amy Nadine was, "She taught me how to contour," the star says. "You do your foundation, then a little brush of blush around the chin line and cheekbones to add dimension. I don't do it every day, but if I'm going out for the night or doing full makeup for the day, I'll contour.


Preppy Perfect: Hollywood goes back to school!

CLASS OF 2010:

Taylor Swift: Looks fab this fall in one preppy look after the next. Layers like wool coats, patterned tights, and chunky knit accessories help Taylor transform her look from girly girl to prepster. Oxfords, which the singer has in almost every colour, complete the smart look.

Blake Lively: The Gossip Girl ditches the less is more mantra, mixing four contrasting prints to capture the school girl feel.

Victoria Justice: puts a spin on preppy classics by throwing in a dash of punk rock.The night for the premier of Tommy Hilfiger's new autumn collection she was seen wearing a plaid blazer with fierce lace-up boots. She's the real rebel pebble!

Christina Ricci: proves plaid can be downright demure in this chic cocktail dress. Who knew the preppy pattern could be so sophisticated and cute.

Kevin McHale: Ok so he will always have the reputation as the preppy boy because of his role on Glee, but his red carpet fashion sense is far closer to geek! The actor's signature look consists of thick-rimmed glasses, playful bow ties, and even the occassional pair of suspenders!