Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Olivia Palermo at Mango

Hooray, its finally here! Olivia Palermo designs her own collection for Mango. She has amazing style, its really classy and sophisticated-as you can see in the picture. Her hair is chip choppy, her silk blouse is casual and just thrown on, he trousers are long and create length to her legs. Doesn't she look amazing? Her favourite piece at Mango is a purple sequin one-shouldered mini dress. " its an awesome dress, it fits all sizes and compliments all body shapes." She said to LOOK Magazine. Another one of her favourite's is a brown wrap knotted dress. Her whole collection is beautiful.

You might of seen/heard Olivia on The City- An American t.v program which also featured Whitney Port. They both work for ELLE Magazine. Olivia is 25 years old and is living the designer dream and lifestyle. You will never, ever, ever,ever,ever,ever see her in 'normal clothes' like a tracksuit or jeans and a t-shirt. She is always smothered in the most designer brands- even some are un-heard of!

To find out more about Olivia Palermo visit either or

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