Monday, 29 November 2010

Ideal Christmas Presents for Her: PART 1

Do you want clothes for Christmas? But you can't really find anything that catches your eye? Well listen hear to find out where and what clothes to get for Christmas.

Topshop- Good for heavy knits which is good for Christmas because Topshop are really trendy with their knits and the 'knit' is really thick and heavy, so it will keep you warm. Topshop are pretty much good for everything!

Jack Wills- Amazing for everything especially coats as they are really cute and warm. Although they are expensive, Jack Wills items are worth every penny.

This season; winter jumpers are so cute. Buy a novelty one ( a knitted jumper with some kind of winter embellishment; such as a Christmas tree on the front or snowballs around the collar). Also knitted crops seem to be really popular. I don't particularly like them but it depends on the colour, how short it is and the design. Try to get a neutral colour like grey or white or black and pair it with plain blue jeans and a plain top underneath. Also get one that's long-sleeved and sits just below the belly button. Big cables or romantic writing like kiss...kiss...kiss ( inspiration from Topshop!). My sister recently brought one. It was grey, had cables, is long-sleeved and sits just below the belly button. She paired it with faded flared jeans, a light blue t-shirt underneath and some cute earrings with matching bracelets. It looked really classy so try to stick with what I've advised you.

Now, if you're getting clothes for Christmas make sure you get it from an expensive shop (that's why I suggested Topshop and Jack Wills) because someone is getting you it for Christmas, a cheap-and-cheerful one will be a waste of money. Plus next Christmas that person might not get you one because you didn't make it last!


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