Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Shoes Kim Can't Put In The Cuboard!

Have a guess how much they cost? Have a guess where they are from? They are from Christian Louboutin and cost £1,025!! Really there is a limit, that is ridiculous. I don't even like them! It is actually stupid that celebrities are willing to pay over £1000 for clothes. Anyway, those Louboutins are getting a lot of outings! Kim Kardashian trots in high style, rocking fierce Christian Louboutin leopard booties in N.Y.C., London and Paris.( Describing picture to the far left.) Louis Vuitton luggage? Check! Hermés tote? Check! Armed with her favorite French designer bags, Kim makes a fierce layover at Heathrow in route to her tour of Paris in a belted cape and her must-have leopard print booties. In picture 2 she is out and about in Paris. In picture 3 she is also in Heathrow, like picture 1, she has her Louis Vuitton luggage with her!


  1. This post is really original,
    I personally don't like the shoes but I like how you inspire me to try new trends!
    Thanks again for keeping me updated with fashion, your blog honestly helps!

  2. Thank you, and thanks for commenting xx


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