Wednesday, 28 March 2012

3 Ways to Wear Springs New Staple: the Bralet

I certainly won't be trying out this new 'bralet' that has suddenly come right back into fashion - its a little daring and not my style - but I'm sure some of you appreciate the bralet in many ways. Its a great layering piece and can really edge up a simple garment. Since they are really tricky to pair things with; I decided to do the hard work for you! Check out the many ways to wear a bralet in style...

Bralet and shoes - both Topshop, skirt - ASOS, sunglasses - Sunglasses Shop

Bralet and shoes - both River Island, trousers - Topshop, clutch - ASOS

Top, skirt and earrings - all River Island, shoes - H&M, bralet - Topshop

What would you pair a bralet with? Hope you enjoyed this post, speak soon!


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tuesday Ten: Summer Shoe Trends!

All shoes from Topshop
Summer is arriving and I just love the Summer shoe trends. Shoes are probably one of my favourite things to shop for (and pretty Summer dresses!) but sometimes they don't always last. Luckily, these Summer shoe trends will last you forever and won't cost you much! From eye-watering neon heels/flats to killer gladiator sandals, from designer-worthy toe-cap heels to boat shoes! Enjoy Summers hottest shoes trends...
  1. Neons
  2. Wooden flatforms
  3. Espadrille/woven wedges
  4. Boat shoes
  5. Bright ballerina pumps
  6. Ankle boots
  7. Jewelled sandals
  8. Anything tan
  9. Contrasting toecap
  10. Gladiator sandals
What's your favourite Summer shoe trend? Mine are definitely the tan wedges! Such a classic staple in anyone's wardrobe.  


Monday, 26 March 2012

My Hair Routine...

Today I decided to write yet another hair routine post. I wrote a similar post last year and its changed quite a lot since then, that's for sure! New products, new hairstyle, new techniques.

Above are all the products I use; I'll write about in more detail later, but for now - here's my routine!

  1. First I wet my hair (at roughly 35'C).
  2. Then I shampoo my hair with Tresemme Luxurious Moisture for dry/damaged hair. After that, I then wash it all out for about 20 seconds.
  3. Then comes the conditioner (again, Tresemme Luxurious Moisture but conditioner), I leave it in for a few minutes then I massage in and wash out.
  4. Now, get ready for the styling! But first, I towel dry my hair very lightly (to get rid of any excess water dripping onto my back).
  5. I now brush my hair with a wide toothed comb to purely get the parting right and to take out any knots.
  6. Using Lee Stafford Argan Oil , add a couple drops (depending on length and thickness of your hair) to palms of hands then rub to mid-lengths to ends of hair.
  7. After that, I put some bounce and volume into my hair by using Bed Head Superstar Volumizing Leave-In Conditioner and spray into roots.
  8. Then, I spray a little bit of Bed Head Foxy Curls Hi-Def Curls Spray at the ends of my hair (because I have long layers, my curls are only at the ends of my hair) to give my natural curls a boost.
  9. Using a hairdryer, I then blast my hair at the roots on full power to get the roots dry. Pushing my roots upwards to give volume. Then starting at mid-lengths to get them a tad dry too.
  10. Then on a low blast, I scrunch the ends of my hair to create curls (never use a diffuser - it adds frizz!).
  11. Still on a low blast, I wrap small pieces of the front of my hair (this section is most frizzy for me, so I usually add a little more oil to this part) around my finger to create more defined curls.
  12. Spritz a little more curling spray and your ready to go!
I now use also (even though I have mentioned it at all and its not pictured but...) Bed Head After Party Smoothing Cream to tame flyaways, frizz etc.

On days when I want my hair a little less curly, I skip instructions 8-12 and put gigantic rollers all over my hair and blow-dry. 
A post coming up later for reviews on all of the products I've mentioned here on this post - come back soon!

P.S: I'll be doing a Photo Diary post whilst I'm at Paris! Starting Friday evening.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Summer Trend #1: Summer Blues

A denim shirt is a girl's best friend in Summer - throw it on, tie it up, layer it, double it - this season anything goes with this fabric. Enjoy these gorgeous outfits I put together, hope they give you inspiration...

Hat and jeans - both H&M, top and shoes - both Topshop, Essie nail polish.

White vest top and shoes - H&M, skirt - Topshop, sunglasses - ASOS, shirt - River Island

Shirt and shoes - both Topshop, dress - Free People, bracelet - River Island.

Friday, 23 March 2012

TOPSHOP: First Look For Summer!

Yes! Topshop have finally released they're stock for Summer, which will obviously come out in a few months. I'm so excited to show you! Get ready to reel through endless Summer days with their pick of the seasons biggest trends. From love-worn denim shirts to fiery Aztec prints and from bold-as-brass bomber jackets to hot new high-tops. They've got all the essentials for Summer sorted, so lets rummage our way through girls...

'Aztec Mash-Up' key pieces:  Aztec bralet, Aztec leggings, Aztec Latino suntop.

 'Your So Fly!' bomber jackets: Sport luxe jacket, Hawaiian print bomber jacket, plain grey bomber jacket.

 'Pumped Up Kicks' high tops: Grey with pink lace chunky high top, plain black high top, star-print chunky high top.

'Summer Blues' denim shirts: Sleeveless denim shirt, fitted denim shirt, oversized denim shirt.

'Twice as Nice' co-ords: pique navy co-ord, fluro boucle pink and orange co-ord, fluid blue co-ord.

Are as exicted as I am? Thanks for reading!

P.S: Remember my 'Spring Trends'? In a few hours, I'll be officially starting Summer outfits!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tuesday Ten: Blogs That Inspire Me...

I have loads of blogs that inspire me, many of them coming from my followers, so today I thought it would be great and a fun idea if I could share with you the ten blogs that inspire me the most (it was hard to narrow it down to ten!). From personal style blogs to photography blogs, I get so much inspiration and these are the people who strive to keep on going...
  1. All About the Pretty Tumblr
  2. 5 Inch and Up
  3. 9to5Chic
  4. Brooklyn Blonde
  5. Lauren
  6. Wendy's Lookbook (blog and video channel)
  7. Fleur De Force
  8. WishWishWish
  9. Raspberry Jam
  10. And of sister Jessica's blog: Jessica Fox Beauty
If you were to do this post, who are your top 5 blogs for inspiration? Have a good week!


Sunday, 18 March 2012

How I Spent Mothers Day...

Happy Mothers Day! Hope all of your Mum's had a fantastic day (what did you get er? Please share int he comments box!). I made my own own card for her with pictures of my sister and I, we bought her a Thornton's chocolate box and some beautiful earrings, and for her birthday a couple of days ago, I bought her a Gilly Hicks polo top. She loved it all! We had a drink in Costa Coffee (I had a delicious raspberry and white chocolate muffin!) and then did a bit of retail therapy. We were planning to go out for breakfast at Cafe Rouge but my Nan was ill so we cancelled it. The weather was gorgeous today, blue sky and sunny but with a Spring breeze which I love. I tried on a pair of Topshop jeans which I'm planning to get when I go to Westfields (I've been on the hunt for a pair of red jeans for months and I finally found my pair; dirty raspberry Topshop jeans!) and a white chiffon blouse which was very unflattering and baggy (I'm on the hunt for one of these now!). Hope everyone had a good weekend and is now ready for the week coming, speak soon!

P.S: When's daughters day?


Friday, 16 March 2012

My New Style Crush: Poppy Delevigne

I love this girl! No one adds a bit of hipster edge to their outfits quite like Poppy Delevigne. Whatever she wears is so unexpected and new, and she can put her own stamp on anything (which I'm learning to do!). Key pieces in her wardrobe are leather jackets, black leather leggings, skinny jeans, trench coat and a white button-down shirt. So effortless and laid-back; I want need her style.


Street Style: Pastel Power

Pictures courtesy of

Who was your favourite? I like the girl with the denim shirt's cute outfit. Please share!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Style Staples: Selena Gomez's 4 Go-To Pieces

Selena Gomez had everything going these days; high-profile relationship and a mega hot career. Apart from her catchy tunes and girl next door looks, she also knows how to dress. While she loves classic pieces like white button-ups and jeans, she keeps her style fresh and youthful with girly lipstick and feminine accessories. Check out how she gets her signature style! 

A Pastel Pout:

Short Shorts:

Skinny Jeans:



Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Pretty Spring Hairstyles To Try

Centre-Part Curls: Middle parts can be tricky to pull off (they can sometimes seem dowdy and flat), but as Olivia Palermo demonstrates, waves make all the difference. Use a curling iron for shiny loose curls – and avoid volumizing products to minimize the dreaded 'triangle effect' apart from the roots for an extra kick.
Slicked-Down Strands: Emma Watson's pixie is often playfully messy, but for an evening event, the star amps up the drama with a high-gloss do. Comb gel through hair for hold, then douse with shine spray for a not-a-hair-out-of-place coif.

Milkmaid Braids: Perfectly polished milkmaid plaits are a little dated – so give the romantic look a twist (literally) with this slightly messy, intricately woven style as seen on Dianna Agron. Braids in different directions, combined with twists and fishtails, will give the sweet look some edge. 

What's the Spring hairstyle you're going to try? I have centre-part curls like Olivia!

Tuesday Ten: My Favourite Fashion Youtube Videos

I've been watching alot of Youtube videos lately and I thought I'd share with you guys my favourite videos and channels (fashion and beauty related). I've learnt many amazing tips from these videos so take note girls...

What videos do you watch for fashion/beauty advice? Hope you took many notes, these video's sure do help. Speak soon, have a good week!


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Back On My Radar...

Cami: The cami is such a beautiful garment and deserves to be in anyone's closet. I own a few in colourful prints. Camisoles always have thin straps, sit just above the hip, are usually made from chiffon or a thin light-weight fabric and hang loose. Cami's look great tucked into skinnies or over a pencil skirt. Prints are big this season so I definitely advise a print version.

Denim Jacket: Maybe its Spring that always brings our friendly denim jacket back? I like mine semi-fitted and a little cropped. The one I currently own has grey jersey knit sleeves which is quite cool and is a more cold-day friendly jacket. Pair it with a floral dress, under a leather jacket (this is actually a great trick!) or with jeans for a full-on denim look. Be adventurous this Spring/Summer with an acid wash version or maybe even a neon colour.

The Anorak/Parka: The anorak is a great layering piece, particularly on those cold Spring days when you may want to wrap up. I would invest in a sleeveless, neutral version (think safari style, without the camouflage!) and style it like Wendy, from Wendy's Lookbook for an updated, modern look. As they are quite oversized and may add bulk, I would add some skinny jeans or something tight-fitted on the bottom-half to keep proportion.

What other garments have you seen come back into fashion? Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

8 Easy Ways To Organize Your Wardrobe

With Spring steadily approaching and warmer months coming up, it's the perfect time to re-organize your wardrobe and clear out everything you didn’t wear last season! If the idea of cleaning out your wardrobe seems daunting, don't worry; I've got some pretty amazing tips (with help from Lauren Conrad Style book). With these quick and easy tips, you’ll transform your wardrobe into tip-top shape in no time! 

1.Time To Purge: If your space is limited, store your Summer-only items on the top shelf in your closet. That way, they aren't taking up prime real estate on your clothing rods and in your dresser drawers. This is also the time to get rid of any Autumn pieces that you no longer wear, don’t fit anymore, or are out of season.

2.Hanger Help: To maximize the space in your closet, switch out your current hangers to space-saving, felt hangers; it's important that all of your hangers are uniform.

3.Stylized Sections: Once you've made the switch, it's time to organize your clothing by type and color. You can even take this a step further and categorize them by style within each color section, for example, tank tops, short sleeves, and long sleeves!

4.Favour A Fold: There’s no need to waste hanging space on bulkier items like sweaters, sweat shirts, and jeans. Create your own partitions using shelf risers to maximize the vertical space, and ensure that your folded items don’t get messy or topple over.

5.Corral Your Coats:  If space permits, it's best to keep your heavy Fall coats in a separate closet, like a utility closet in your entryway. This will keep them out of the way, and make them easily accessible when you’re leaving the house!

6.Accessorize Your Accessories:  Keep your accessories tidy by using 3M hooks to display belts, bags, scarves, and necklaces. The great thing about these is that they can hold up to five pounds, come in a variety of styles and colors, and they’re easy to remove if you decide to rearrange or move.

7.Show Off Your Shoes:  Put your shoes in clear drawers, and keep them organized by labeling them, or taping a picture of the shoes to the front of the box. Keep your favourite shoes the most visible and toward the front so they’re easily accessible.

8.Lighten Up: It's important to have good lighting in your closet so you can see everything inside. If your closet has poor lighting, use battery-powered lights that are inexpensive and easy to apply!

Hope this helps! Have fun cleaning your closet, if it helps, listen to some music and sing along!