Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tuesday Ten: Blogs That Inspire Me...

I have loads of blogs that inspire me, many of them coming from my followers, so today I thought it would be great and a fun idea if I could share with you the ten blogs that inspire me the most (it was hard to narrow it down to ten!). From personal style blogs to photography blogs, I get so much inspiration and these are the people who strive to keep on going...
  1. All About the Pretty Tumblr
  2. 5 Inch and Up
  3. 9to5Chic
  4. Brooklyn Blonde
  5. Lauren Conrad.com
  6. Wendy's Lookbook (blog and video channel)
  7. Fleur De Force
  8. WishWishWish
  9. Raspberry Jam
  10. And of course...my sister Jessica's blog: Jessica Fox Beauty
If you were to do this post, who are your top 5 blogs for inspiration? Have a good week!


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