Sunday, 4 March 2012

Gilly Hicks Party Report!

Last weekend, I attended the Gilly Hicks Spring Break Party (invitation only) in Westfields, White City. Well, I arrived at Westfields at around 1:30, and when I got there, there was already 15 people in the queue! So I decided to queue - I sat there for 4 hours straight (sorry bottom and back!) on the floor behind a railing! Luckily though, I was very near the front, and had a great view of the store (people watching as you do). I watched a girl dance in the store (who worked there) for four hours straight too, she never stopped dancing. You know when you walk into Gilly Hicks or whatever and there's always a girl saying 'Hey welcome to Gilly Hicks'? Well, this was the same; she danced 4 hours straight -Yeoow! 

The turnout was huge, over 500 people were there waiting to grab one of the amazing prizes which were on hand. My sister was actually in one of the pictures above, which was quite funny. When it turned 6.00, we were about to go in. We went in separate groups of about 15, which meant there wasn't 500 people in the store at once which was good. We got handed a card, I opened mine up and...all I got was a pair of knickers - not that I'm complaining or anything, but after waiting over 4 hours I thought I deserved more than just one pair of knickers. But hey? These things happen. The cards were shuffled so I can't really blame the store. These girls I knew which were right at the back of the queue, all got t-shirts which meant that the cards weren't so mixed up as I hoped. On the invitation, it said 'your time of arrival may affect the prize you receive', well, knickers was the lowest prize you could get! Plus, when we went in, we got our knickers and went straight back out, I guess, I was expecting much more. Considering it was invitation only and Gilly Hicks made it sound so 'exclusive', I was rather disappointed. Will I attend another Gilly Hicks event? Yes, sure. These things are based purely on luck and well I know what to do next time I go. 

Did you go to the Gilly Hicks party? What did you think of it? Share in the comments box!

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