Friday, 5 November 2010

Hot Jewellery!

Jewellery so complete's an outfit. It depends on what jewellery you put with your outfit though. Listen close for what jewellery to put with your casual, everyday outfits.

Bohemian Style: You need lots of jewellery with a boho outfit. Bracelets/bangles are the vital thing here, Vanessa Hudgens has a HUGE craving for the boho style and wears soooooo many bangles. "I usually wear 6/7 bangles at a time and the brighter and more colourful the better!" , she tells Heat Magazine.

Beachy Style: Less is more in this one. Just go for either a statement necklace or some cute earings. Make sure they are colourful, big and bright to get that summer feel.

Preppy Style: Again less is more in this one. Go for some pearl studs or some cute rings. You can also go for a small pendant necklace.

Classy Style: This sort of links in with an evening style but make sure your jewellery is to the standard it should be. Pearls, diamonds and other jems look really expensive and very classy. If you can/want to buy some designer jewellery, like Chanel, Tiffany & co, Marc Jacobs and loads more!!!

Vintage Style: Feathers, pearls, bandanna's and antique brooches just complete the look. Katie Waissel and Amy Winehouse always have the vintage look. Try to buy a studded leather jacket with a black and white image top ( Topshop do loads!) Red, black, white, pearl, dark green, dark yellow and dark navy are the best colours for that vintage effect alongside lace. Also red lips and white eye-shadow is excellent makeup.


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