Thursday, 2 December 2010

Ideal Christmas Presents for Her: PART 3

Expensive jewellery can look expensive and stunning with that ultimate party dress. Expensive jewellery will also look good wrapped up and under the Christmas tree!

Where shall I look:
  • Tiffany&Co
  • Swarvoski
  • Links of London
  • Azendi
  • De Beers
  • Fraser Hart
  • Carat*
  • Pandora
  • Le Beado
Tiffany&Co, Pandora and Swarvoski are the best as they are more well-known therefore if someone asks at your Christmas party- where did you get that diamond necklace?-you can reply with- its Tiffany&Co, its real diamonds! That will look so amazing, don't you think?

Its better to spend alot on jewellery as it will last longer, look more expensive and its very rare people will have the same item. Jewellery can make an outfit look priceless and gorgeous. If your Christmas party only lasts one night, and you don't go out much, then buy a cheap dress form H&M or somewhere else you'd like to shop and buy an expensive bracelet (etc.) It will make it look beautiful.

How much should I really spend:
  • £100-£300 for a ring (this doesn't have to be real diamonds or pearls because not many people will notice it. Go for it if you interested!)
  • £300-£400 for a bracelet (bunch them up if you can, bracelets can go huge or dainty or colourful. Be wise.)
  • £400-£500 for a pair of earrings (make sure they are big so the diamonds will stand out)
  • £500-£1000 for a necklace ( pearls can be great for this, make sure its big and stands out from your outfit.)

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