Tuesday, 1 November 2011

November Is Here - Mid-Season Autumn / Winter Trends...

Pinch, punch, first day of the month! November is here and I see November as mid-season, in other words, its both Autumn and Winter. Autumn trends have been left behind (say goodbye to monochrome and Dalmatian prints) and 'Wintumn' (pronounced: 'Wint-um' - a mixture of old Autumn trends and new Winter trends!) trends are here with a bang! Here I'll be showing specific trends/patterns/materials like 'velvet' and what colours look great, what you should pair with it etc. So enjoy my lovelies...

  • Say goodbye to sequins and hello to swirled embroidery top.
  • Wear the swirl embroided  top tucked into skinnies for day and leather shorts for night. 
  • Colours like gold and silver look great as embroidery.
  • NO jewellery required, it'll look too busy, your top is practically jewellery anyway!
  • Look at Topshop, they do amazing swirled embroidery tops!

  • Say goodbye to loafers and hello to ballet pumps.
  • Ballet pumps can be worn with anything!
  • Coloured pumps are great as a colour pop to a plain and simple outfit.
  • Think snakeskin, bows and studs.

  • Say goodbye to faux-fur coats and hello to trenches.
  • Neutral colours work great for all-year rainy days.
  • Buckles, wrap belts and large collars are a major key to this style of coat.
  • Why not make it a trench dress by wearing no bottoms underneath (maybe tights if its cold)?!
  • If the length hits knee-cap or lower, always wear heels to lengthen the legs.

  • Say goodbye to A-line or pencil skirts and hello to black leather mini's.
  • Make sure the fit is flippy, not tight and fitted.
  • Pleats look great!
  • The length should sit mid-thigh - otherwise...its a bit short.
  • No patterns, any other detailing (apart from pleating) or colour.
  • Pair with a loose fitting top and heels for night.



  1. Samantha5:40 pm

    Yaaaay, Im so glad trenches are back in!

  2. Leather minis...beeeeen waiting for them to come bak in trend - I always pair mine with a pink chiffon blouse and heels for when I go clubbing woop woop.

    Jessica xoxo


  3. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Nooooooo - I love my sequin blouse! Arrrrgh, can it count as embroidery even though its not all swirly?! Hahaa, great blog and post, keep up the good work!

  4. Vijayalakshmi Ziviani4:51 pm

    that's a well good post. Well done, keep up the good work.


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