Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tuesday Ten: Hairstyles to Rock This Summer

Us girls love pretty hairstyles, Summer is just one of them lucky times when we love to experiment with different colours, styles and lengths. So to get a heads up on what's going to look gorgeous this Summer, read below...

  1. Undone buns
  2. Beachy, tousled waves
  3. Side plait
  4. Matte waves
  5. Messy and frizzy ponytail
  6. Elegant updo
  7. Brunette, curled ends (a la Kate Middleton!)
  8. Ombre
  9. Tight, braided topknot
  10. Short and choppy (just like Alexa Chung!)
What's your favourite hairstyle? I'm already rocking some of these, I can't wait for Summer!


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