Sunday, 16 June 2013

On My Coffee Table: Good Fashion/ Beauty Reads:

There's nothing like sitting down on the sofa after a long, hard day and getting glued to a good book. If I'm honest, I'm not really a fan of fiction books (although, I hear the Hunger Games series is really good) as I just seem to never get into them. However, as I am a fan of all things fashion and beauty (obvs...), I do love reading the likes of 'Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual' and 'Paris Street Style'. I get so much inspiration for blog posts from these books and always go back to them when I'm stuck what to write next. Each and every one deserves a place on my coffee table (alongside Company and Vogue magazines of course). Here are my favourites, I will give a brief description of each one and a link of where you can buy them. Click below to read more.

Paris Street Style by Isabelle Thomas - A guide to ultimate Parisian style and effortless chic. It includes interviews from some of Paris' top couturiers and designers, alongside the best places to shop, eat and drink in Paris.

Bobbi Brown: Makeup Manual - Insider tips from the industry of makeup artistry (and how to get your big break). From diet tips to achieve perfect skin and health to a 'Ten Step Makeup Look'. A good book for beginners to pros.

The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman - From the man behind the world-famous blog, The Satorialist, Scott Schuman inspires all with his great photography and intriguing words. Not necessarily just for people who have a passion for photography or fashion, but for those who desire a good, inspiring read.

Lauren Conrad: Beauty - Lauren's tips on creating a long-lasting red lip and how to steer clear of beauty crimes (panda eyes, we're looking at you). A lovely book to flick through for advice, tips and tricks.

Lauren Conrad: Style - Lauren tells all her style secrets in this must-have book. Stuck on what to wear to prom, a wedding, airport, first date, a vacation or black tie event? She's got it all covered.

Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living In Paris by Jennifer L. Scott -When Jennifer Scott arrived at the doorstep of a grand apartment as a foreign exchange student, she was greeted by Madame Chic, the woman who would become her mentor and the inspiration for the way she lived long after her time abroad was over. Embracing the classically French aesthetic of quality over quantity, aspiring Parisiennes will learn to master the art of eating, dressing, grooming, and living a la francaise.

What Would Audrey Do? by Pamela KeoghAudrey Hepburn epitomises generosity, glamour and beauty. Her appeal is timeless and she remains an inspiration to this day. So who better to turn to when wondering the right thing to do in our complex modern world? In an era fraught with selfishness, artifice and vulgarity, asking ourselves ‘what would Audrey do?’ can teach us how to remain demure, sophisticated, loving and gorgeous every day. An amazing read that I am currently read. My top recommendation.

Fashion Design Course by Steven Faerm - A truly incredible book on how to become a world-class designer (who wouldn't want to become the next Christian Dior?). More for professionals who are studying fashion design at a degree level (obviously I am not, but still an intriguing read). 

Paris Street Style
Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual
The Satorialist
Lauren Conrad Beauty
Lauren Conrad Style
Lessons from Madame Chic
What Would Audrey Do?
Fashion Design Course


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