Thursday, 28 August 2014

A Few Things Beauty Blogs Have Taught Me...

The importance of eyebrows 
There has been times where I admit, I've over-plucked (or in some cases, not enough plucking. i.e Freida Kahlo-esque brows) but they've always been very fair and thin naturally. Even though I keep it super low maintenance with just my tweezers and brow powder; I would never have know how to fill them in properly without blogs showing me the way. 

There's no need for a full face 
Sometimes a bit of concealer and mascara is all you need.

Three step facial 

I've only recently discovered this trick but, you know the one - exfoliating mask, deep cleansing and then hydrating - the three way wonder for keeping our complexion in tip top shape. I've realised that this is a revelation for my acne prone skin and I plan to indulge in a three step facial every fortnight or so.

Don't pick 
I had no idea that picking, scratching, squeezing and other cringe-worthy adjectives made your spots worse. It irritates the inflammation, can cause the infection to stay under the skin (hello acne marks) and causes the bacteria to spread leading to worse infections. Thank you beauty blogs.

So many brands 

Before beauty blogs, I had no idea that Origins, Caudalie, REN and Pai existed, or were any good. Now, they're some of my favourite brands of all time.

Primer and powder is an oily girl's best friend 

For years I struggled with my makeup sliding off my face come lunchtime. I've tried setting spray, blotting powder and just about everything, but after discovering beauty blogs and hearing all about primers and setting powder I've thankfully solved that problem. Check out my tips for touching up on the go for more deets. 

Try something different 
(Note to 13-year-old self: that is not a cue to wear green metallic eyeshadow again). After seeing Ingrid raving about it, I bought myself some shimmery dark purple/ black gel eyeliner.  Although I don't wear it anymore; I used to love it, but looking back now I realise it was a mistake. The lesson is, I was adventurous. It was fun while it lasted and pushed me on to try more fun things with makeup. 

Chemical exfoliation is the way forward 
For so long the most I ever knew about exfoliation was a bottle of St Ives Apricot Face Scrub (which I sometimes still use, mixed in with a creamy cleanser), whereas now beauty blogs have taught me about AHAs, BHAs and the magic of chemical exfoliation; my skin has never been happier.

What's the best thing you've learnt from beauty blogs? Please share!


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