Sunday, 21 September 2014

50 Facts About Me...

I've been meaning to write this post for a long while; but somehow it always got pushed to one side. I guess thinking of interesting fifty facts was rather difficult, and sounded like a lot of work (albeit quite fun)! Hopefully this will give you guys a little bit of an idea as to who the writer is behind ATF. Without further ado, here it finally is - fifty facts about me...

1. I am currently studying A-levels; French, textiles, media and English literature
2. Dream job = my own fashion column in British Vogue
3. I spontaneously saw Kate, Wills and baby George the day after she gave birth!
4. I have been to Zermatt, Switzerland (in the same hotel) probably about fifteen times, in the winter and summer
5. My idea of paradise is Zermatt, Switzerland (hence the fifteen times!)
6. If I could meet anyone who was dead for five minutes (and bring them back to life, obviously), it would be Audrey Hepburn
7. For some reason I love politics
8. Italian food is life
9. I would love to have share an apartment with my sister in Montmartre, Paris
10. Fave old movie? Funny Face
11. Fave modern movie? A toughie, but maybe The Great Gatsby
12. I was supposed to be born on my mum's birthday, but was born the day after, St. Patrick's Day
13. Sweets over chocolate any day
14. One day I will have a cocker spaniel called Bramble. I am determined.
15. I am dying to visit Norway (Fjords in particular)
16. I am struggling with facts already
17. My favourite blogger is VivannaDoesMakeup
18. I adore Banksy
19. I will never wear blue, green (depending on the shade), yellow or black on my nails
20. My favourite colour is mint
21. I've never dyed my hair, nor do I really plan to in the near future
22. I have naturally curly hair
23. Topshop, H&M and Zara are my favourite high-street stores
24. This blog used to be called 'Emma Foxy Style Guide' (ew - cheesy!)
25. I am so glad to be half-way through
26. I have size 4 1/2 feet - buying shoes is a nightmare
27. I have no idea what height I am; 5ft something?
28. I would love for the world, for one day, to stop using all technology
29. I love the Royal Family
30. A backless, long-sleeved, lace wedding dress is the dream (I've already planned it all out ha!)
31. I am a high-street person, not mall
32. I could stare all day at Chelsea townhouses, they're so pretty and dreamy
33. I have seven goldfish in a pond in my garden
34. I hate maths
35. I don't actually mind Monday's
36. If I am woken up in the morning, I am instantly in a bad mood. If I wake up naturally, I am as happy as can be - nothing intentional, just something I've noticed!
37. Laughing is a hobby
38. Coldplay. 'Nuff said.
39. I don't like socks or gloves (a weird irritation I've had since I was a baby!)
40. I am so lazy when it comes to tweezing my eyebrows
41. Christmas is my favourite time of year
42. Autumn is my favourite season
43. I am terrible at keeping hydrated
44. The Polar Express is the best Christmas movie
45. Next year, I hope to do volunteer work at Dogs Trust
46. I love fashion exhibitions in museums
47. Anything lemon, lime or generally citrus-y and I am all over it
48. I hope to speak fluent French
49. Great British Bake Off is currently my TV obsession
50. I wanted to be a singer all my life up until a few years ago - now I want to be a fashion journalist!

I'd be very surprised if you read all fifty - but very happy! Thanks for reading!


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