Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Keeping Makeup Fresh In the Heat.

Keeping my makeup on in the blistering sun and heat is something I used to really struggle with. My skin suddenly become one big, oily mess. It's grim and icky. Luckily, I have now established quite the routine to stop my makeup from melting off my face.

1. PRIMER - Perhaps the most obvious of tips for long-lasting makeup, but often the most forgotten. Primer is essential for keeping makeup put all day as it acts like a barrier between oily skin and the foundation, therefore making it last all day. There are also lots of other benefits to primers such as blurring imperfections, creating a matte effect and protecting the skin.

2. LIGHTER COVERAGE - Obviously, the easiest way to avoid a makeup meltdown would be to stop wearing makeup full stop. However, speaking from personal experience with my acne-prone skin, that's always easier said than done. So, if like me, you're not quite willing to give up makeup, switch to lighter coverage. I highly recommend this tinted moisturiser for glowing but matte skin.

3. POWDER - Setting makeup, and perhaps touching up throughout the day, is always a great idea if you want makeup to last all day. Powder sets the foundation, and keeps your makeup fresh and matte. My favourite powder is this one by Soap & Glory.

4. SETTING SPRAY/ FACE MIST - Arguably the most important step in my opinion. I can't rave about the Caudalie Beauty Elixir enough. There's too many incredible beneficiaries to this product. However, there are two main ones relating to this topic - it sets makeup without budging it (so apply several times while applying makeup). In addition, it also refreshes makeup throughout the day and keeps it looking fresh and dewy. Hey, if it's good enough for Victoria Beckham, who claims this is her holy-grail skin saviour, then it's good enough for us!

What are your tips for heatproof makeup?

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