Friday, 7 August 2015

Arrival In Paradise.

Leaving daily life behind in favour for a wild escape to the mountains is something we all fantasize over in our dreams. But last week, this harsh division between reality and dreams soon became a blurry line, for I was in my second home, at peace once again. I was in paradise; a little sun-drenched village in the heart of Switzerland called Zermatt. Click below to see more...

Situated in the valais of Switzerland, this green haven is the perfect utopia for wanderlusters, adventurers and those seeking a refreshing escape. It's no wonder my family and I have fled here for so many years; this in fact, is around the seventeenth time I've visited this place. To call it a second home is an understatement.

For the first day, we opted for a calm and tranquil stroll around the town, to familiarize ourselves with locals we had not seen since the previous year and to secretly devour little bites of Swiss chocolate heaven.

Cervo Hotel
Around the corner from our hotel, and just peering above the heart of the town on the side of the mountain, is Hotel Cervo, a boutique mountain resort. We have never visited this hotel before, however now, I am convinced that this secret, luxury hideaway will be a new favourite jaunt of ours. With instagram-worthy mason jars filled with iced coffee in one hand, and their mouth-watering parmesan and truffle fries (their specialty) in the other, our smiles widened from ear to ear.

My beautiful Nan

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Blessed with the infamous Matterhorn right in front of our eyes on the walk down and bordered by greenery, the sound of birdsong fill the alpine air. The town is rich with colour - soft, hazy green trees, hand-painted red wooden shutters, and a fierce pale yellow of sunshine which swathed the ground - all impossibly glorious.

I (far right) am wearing: Zara top and shirt, Topshop shorts, Office shoes and Michael Kors watch.

Come evenings, it's without question that we dress up. In delicate fabrics that caress our newly-gilded skin, we swipe on our favourite lipstick and head to the restaurant. The cuisine, of course, is nothing short of magnificent. Why not take a look at the menu for yourself?
My sister, Jess, is wearing: Zara blouse, Topshop shorts, Office sandals
I am wearing: H&M jumpsuit and bag, Michael Kors watch and a rather happy smile.
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The next holiday diary will be posted Tuesday. Until then - enjoy some of my previous posts!

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