Thursday, 7 January 2016

Minimal-Meets-Essential: My Wardrobe Must-Haves

I'm starting the year correctly - I promised myself I would post more about style. I truly believe there is a gap in the market on how to cultivate and define ones own unique style, especially for teenagers/ young females like you and I. Personally, I believe fashion is an art form that can be used as a creative canvas to express something intrinsically personal, but at such a young age we often get caught up in trends and what our friends or favourite celebrities are wearing instead of being the best version of ourselves.

So today I'm here to talk about the classic wardrobe pieces that I could not live without. Every woman has her take on wardrobe essentials, ranging from the crisp white shirt to ballet pumps, but below is my take on it. I'd describe my style as being a cross between a Parisian and a 90's Calvin Klein model - in other words: classic with an edge. Expect to see lots of denim, muted colours and timeless prints.

You've probably all seen this before, but it's surprising how many of the classics we don't actually have. Take this list to your wardrobe and check off what you have, and what you need.
  1. High-waisted jeans - I'm a sucker for tucking tops in to my trousers or skirts, so high-waisted jeans are made for that look, not to mention that they accentuate your waist and make your legs resemble Cindy Crawford's. I love all denim jeans but I definitely think this cut is the most flattering on me and I love the 90's vibe they give to an outfit.
  2. Classic black heel - The pairings are endless for these timeless shoes. They're probably the most versatile shoe there is out there. You can wear them to work, to a party, to a dinner date, to a cocktail bar with your friends and probably just about everywhere else. Also, this shoe is so Parisian!
  3. A backpack - I used to have a stigma about backpacks making me look five years younger than I actually am, but since purchasing the Longchamp version, I've been wearing it virtually everyday. It provides a casual, cool vibe to a polished and sophisticated outfit. It has such a classic and timeless shape to it too.
  4. Chelsea boots - the comfiest boot that'll go with every outfit. 
  5. Black crossbody bag - Perfect from day to night, the crossbody bag is an accessory must-have.I'm seriously lusting after this Topshop version, the snakeskin adds edge and texture.
  6. Denim jacket - Ah, the denim jacket. I wear mine (seen in the picture above) most, if not all, days of the week. Like the backpack, it adds a cool and casual vibe. I love adding a 90's twist to outfits and this jacket does that perfectly. Make sure any denim jacket you buy is slightly cropped ad a little oversized for maximum style points.
  7. Sneakers - I'm currently on the hunt for some trainers as I keep wearing my sister's! It's only recently that I've learned how much these are a staple to my wardrobe. I love teaming them with something smart and sophisticated for juxtaposition. I'll make sure to purchase either a pair of New Balance or Nike's in black and white.
  8. A trench coat - You all know my obsession for coats and jackets so of course a few are bound to crop up here. The trench coat has long served as a classic in everyone's wardrobe; I'm definitely holding out for a Burberry when I'm older.
  9. Ballet pumps - These add a feminine touch to an androgynous outfit and add a little 'Audrey' to any outfit. In honesty, I love all flats - especially loafers. There's something so masculine and cool about them.
  10. Plain white tees - Of course this had to be on the list. Need I say more?
  11. Mini skirt - I love wearing skirts, be it denim, corduroy, a button-down or leather. 
  12. A blazer - Another jacket, obvs. Blazers are my go-to for if the weather is not quite cold or warm, and definitely if I want to smarten up an outfit. My favourite blazer is a black and white striped one from Topshop. I love the sleeves rolled up and worn slightly boxy for a cool and effortless finish.
  13. The striped tee - Anything striped and I love it. The striped tee works with everything and anything. I currently adore teaming my Breton top with leather leggings and sneakers.
What are your wardrobe essentials?

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