Sunday, 3 April 2016

Exploring London: Shoreditch

If you're looking to fully immerse yourself in pure Londoner culture, then look no further than the graffiti-emblazoned streets of Shoreditch. This now gentrified, super hipster neighbourhood of East London has to be one of my faves - there's something exciting and unique round every corner, be it a mesmerising piece of wall art or a cool and quirky pop up shop. Home to cropped jean lovers and bearded/ man-bun men, Shoreditch is definitely not short of a few interesting finds, and below are just a few that I've discovered...


Cereal Killer Café
The infamous cereal cafe. I once visited with a friend and although I haven't been back since, I'm intensely eager to! They have over 120 different types of cereal, 30 different milks and over 20 different toppings, all in a very quirky 90's surrounding. This place is pure retro heaven.

Pizza East
I've blogged about how amazing this pizza joint is before, so I won't ramble on too much. But, let's just say if you're in need of an ultra tasty and not too expensive meal, this place is definetly for you.

They cover all the basics of breakfast staples but their dishes are far from basic. Consistently delicious and well worth a visit.

Have a snoop around Boxpark!
Boxpark is a two-story 'box' (essentially) of amazing little pop-ups. Downstairs you'll find urban fashion, makeup and interior shops, but upstairs you'll find your senses feasting on the incredible array of delicious eats on offer. Be it a Mexican grill for long cocktails and maybe even a little dancing with friends, or a mouthwatering Italian. Rustic, raw and rich food at it's finest.


Shoreditch Grind
They roast their own beans and they serve up a mean cappuccino. If you’re in need of something stronger they’ve also perfected the Espresso Martini.

Albion Café
Head a little further down Redchurch Street and you'll stumble upon the Café part of Albion. Here, you can sip away at one of their fresh juices or devour a crumbly muffin.

All Press
Delicious, artisan coffee. Served to you on long wooden tables in typical Shoreditch chic style. A must visit for any coffee lovers in the area.


Queen of Hoxton
A tree-storey bar and club with live DJ's. There's a beautiful rooftop bar with fantastic cocktails and views over London. I can’t think of many better places to dance a summer night away.

A fantastically buzzy club with live music and DJ's across two floors with a street art aesthetic.

The Book Club
One of the patrons of the cool-Shoreditch scene. They have an extraordinary selection of cocktails to order by the glass or jug. This place is consistently imaginative and well worth a visit!

Get the Shoreditch look:

Have you been to Shoreditch before?

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