Thursday, 15 December 2016

A Trip to Narnia, London

If you find yourself in central London on the run up to Christmas, I have just the little retreat from the selfie-stick-holding tourists and all that endless shopping. And really, where better to start than Narnia...

Sadly, not quite behind a wardrobe. But climb up the stairs...

A little further...

And your festive hideaway awaits you! Dalloway Terrace, part of the Bloomsbury Hotel just off of Tottenham Court Road, has been transformed into a winter wonderland complete with a glittering sky.

My friend Paige and I snuggled in, ordered up and snapped away...with such a feast for the eyes on show, how could we not!

I'm obsessed with mulled wine to say the least so took the opportunity in ordering myself a glass, while Paige sipped on a rich and cosy cappucino.

Dalloway Terrace has a fantastic menu and I most certainly plan to revisit again soon post-Christmas so test it out (read: have another excuse to indulge in fondue, mince pies and hot chocolate). But we stuck to drinks for the meantime, attempting so hard not to steal a bite from the lunchin' ladies next to us.

Just the winter warmer needed on such a frosty day! Be warned, Narnia Dalloway Terrace may look frosty but with surrounding heaters blasting it, things sure got toasty!

And if you do get round to seeing this place (you must!), then don't be shy in ordering yourself a good ol' glass of mulled wine too! What else can you drink when it's December?

Happily satisfied with our dose of Christmas spirit, we snooped around the hotel. We found this little bohemian gem below the terrace which would look mighty fun come the summer months...

And don't forget to check out the tree if you go before Christmas, it's a real beauty...

Keeping things monochrome with my new Cath Kidston purchase, complete with a Zara coat, New Look high-necked jumper and Topshop jeans. This floral shopper really is the best - it's roomy enough to throw all your daily essentials in, but not too big that you can never find anything (and hey, it's pretty stylish too!)

On your way out you'll pass a little flower stand. Stop by and pick up something Christmassy.

On a mission to soak up as much London Christmas spirit as we could, we popped to Belgravia to devour one of the Peggy Porschen cupcakes. You must've seen this pink wonderland on your Instagram feed at least once!

There are so many delicious cupcakes to choose from. I was a little torn from the Blueberry and Cookies & Cream option, but the Gingerbread looked a little too good to pass on...

A little pricey, this place is more of a one-off experience, but well worth it. The cupcakes were second to none and the decorations with truly marvellous. Plus, Belgravia is a great area teeming with locals-only caf├ęs, gastro-pubs and designer shops.

And when you're oreo cupcake has an actual oreo center, that's worth a pilgrimage in itself no?

It's safe to say it was all gobbled up within a matter of seconds.

Then it was back to Narnia!

No, not Dalloway Terrace but clearly London has been inspired by the movie this year, as everyone's decorations seem to replicate this. The Wild At Heart florist on Pimlico Road was decked out in all things white, wintry and wonderful. Flowers poured out of every nook and cranny, brightening up such a wet and dreary day.

Festive spirit success! Mission accomplished.

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