Sunday, 8 January 2017

10 healthy cafés in London that you need to know

With all those one-too-many mince pies over Christmas and the New Year diet plans, it seems like the perfect time to share my favourite London haunts for a healthy detox. London is littered with all things quinoa, kale and courgetti with cafés and restaurants opening up every month dedicated to just selling these. The foodie scene has seriously taken off and Londoners are loving it (but hey, pizza and beer is still a Friday night go-to). I'm always up for testing out new places to eat in London, so it's no wonder some of the below cafés are some of my favourites, but others I still need to try out for myself. So here you have it, 10 healthy cafés you need to know about...

Good Life Eatery
This was London's first place to stock cold-pressed juice and one of the first to sky-rocket Londoners interest in healthy eating. I have no doubt that you have seen this place on Instagram since every foodie and blogger has visited here, so bag yourself a seat and join 'em too! Situated in Chelsea and Marylebone, this is the most popular of healthy cafés you'll find (and it's no wonder with Zucchini Fettucine on the menu).

Tanya's Café
Another café for you with ingredients you most likely won't be able to pronounce. That said, the food mimcks its sweet rivals (think cake, crêpes and cookies) so while you think you're indulging, you're most certainly not (bonus!).

Wild Food Café
In the most colourful of locations in Neal's Yard, Covent Garden, Wild Food Café also has its mind set on anything 'raw'. With all items freshly prepared each day and locally sourced ingredients, this is the perfect vegan and veggie-friendly spot for a healthy bite.

The Mae Deli
Set up by the number one Londoner foodie herself, Delicioisly Ella's deli celebrates honest, simple and natural ingredients that will leave you feeling satisfied not stuffed.

The Detox Kitchen
Also one of the more popular London spots, The Detox Kitchen promises you all the healthy fresh seasonal salads and green smoothies you'll ever need. Located in Kingly Court, just off of Carnaby Street, this is the perfect alternative to a mid-shopping coffee break.

Roots and Bulbs
Roots and Bulbs prizes themselves on creating nutritious cold pressed juices, superfood smoothies and providing wholesome, well-sourced food. If you're around South Kensington, be sure to pop in.

Maple and Fitz
Whether you're in need of a cold pressed juice, nutritious lunch or even a quick bite before or after work, this is your place. I've heard their 'Italian Love Affair' pasta dish is second to none, while their classic Julius Caesar salad is quite the masterpiece.

Raw Press
Any idea what this spot might sell? You guessed it, raw pressed juices. But Mayfair and Notting Hill would be missing something without this healthy gem.

If you're a health-freak (a mighty good thing I assure you), then this must be on the top of your list whenever you find yourself in Chelsea. I'm dying to try the Mulberry granola...

Farm Girl Café
I thought I would leave the best 'til last since, even regardless of the fact the food is healthy, this is one of my favourite cafés in London generally. I've spoken about FGC many times (like here and here if you want a full review), but those blueberry pancakes you endlessly see on your Instagram feed are courtesy of this post...just sayin'.

Where do you recommend for a healthy bite? 


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