Friday, 24 December 2010

10 Most Stylish Young Celebs!

Thank you to everyone who voted in my 'The Annual Emma Fox Poll'. I have recorded which headline has caught most eyes and it is one that I will very much like to read into. And the award goes to .... 10 Most Stylish Young Celebs. This headline is age 20 and under. By the way number 1 is the most stylish and number 10 is good but not good enough... if you get what I mean!

10) ELLE FANNING -Well with a sister like Dakota I think she'd have to be stylish. Last week this super-stylish 12-year-old was seen in Charlotte Olympia heels, a Zuhair Murad cruise dress and some rock accessories. I'd die to have her wardrobe. She dresses very age appropriate not on the red carpet but on it she can get a bit carried away.

9) DAKOTA FANNING - Wow the Fanning sisters have a good sense of style! Dakota Fanning, unlike her sister, she isn't very age appropriate with what she wears. She always wears the skyscraper heels and designer clothes. Although, I do love her style; vintage but sometimes edgy and couture.

8) MILEY CYRUS - The 18-year-old has a very distinctive style.Edgy and vintage; typical of a hard-rocking Tennessee girl. Always is she to wear black, studs and jewellery. In her biography 'Miles to go' she announced that she never wears less than five bracelets, two rings and a necklace.

7) SELENA GOMEZ - This classy girl even won an award for being so stylish. Early last week she won 'best dressed Disney female award' at the HSA (Hollywood Style Awards). As iv'e said before, this girl has so much class in her style it's unbelievable! She can make a plain t-shirt, jeans and Converse look so American and classy. Some people may say she dresses to safe. As this year on the red carpet she has worn jeans 37 times. But she dresses them with a cute dressy blouse, some stunning jewellery and designer heels. Plus her hair and make-up looks great.

6) VICTORIA JUSTICE - Victoria was also seen at HSA and one 'best dressed on the red carpet (under 19) award'. At age 17 this girl dons us with not only her winning smile but designer clothing. At JKA Airport this year she wore Christian Louboutin wedges and a Vivienne Westwood dress! I just wear jeans and a coat! Miss Justice is always smothered in the most beautiful designer clothing. I'm so jealous!

5) EMMA WATSON - Well I kinda guessed she'd be at the top 5! With her advertising Burberry and being in one of the most famous films (Harry Potter!). She has had stylists tripping over themselves! Emma has recently had the chop; a crew cut. I think she really suits it. Now Emma has a crew cut people will follow her because she is so bang-on-trend!

4) WILLOW SMITH - Wow didn't really expect this one! This gal can Whip It good on the red carpet, from Versace to Christian Louboutin trainers! Willow has been compared to Rhianna as her style is unique and is smothered in designer clothes.

3) KRISTEN STEWART - Each day this girl smiles a bit more, looks better a bit more and is more popular... a bit more! After filming the award-winning film (Twilight!) she hasn't been more happy - Is it the newly relationship with Robert? - A good mood comes out in your clothes because you take more time on it, dress it up etc. But saying that, does this girl ever smile? Change her hairstyle? Be unique? No to all questions.

2) DEMI LOVATO - The 18-year-old Demi Lovato has a very distinctive style; edgy, couture, and sooooooo not age-appropriate. Tight and revealing dresses is not for 18-year-old's! Saying that she always carries it off. She looks great in everything from hair to shoes. "I'm hoping to do some advertising for Alexander Wang in the future!" she tells People Magazine.

1) WINNER - CHLOE MORETZ!! - This year Emma has been seen in not only Valentino, not only Christian Louboutin flats, not only J Brand jeans, not only Proenza Schouler and a Christian Dior dress but Betsey Johnson aswell! This actress has been seen in everything! As you can see in the picture its very age-approprriate and classy. She has a stunning face and hair to match. Chin length with a side parting; simple but stylish! Her make-up is subtle but looks beautiful, it looks great with her shaped face, skin-tone and outfit. She puts it all together and is the most stylish gal on the planet- not to mention she's only 13!!!!

The almost-made-it's:
  • Blake Lively - age 23
  • Ashley Greene - age 23
  • Taylor Swift - age 21
  • Katy Perry - age 26
  • Ashley Tisdale - age 23
  • Vanessa Hudgens - age 22
  • Lauren Conrad - age 24
  • Whitney Port - age 25
  • Emma Roberts - age 21


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