Friday, 29 January 2016

Beauty Maven Must-Have: Frank Coffee Scrub

With summer fast approaching, the hunt for the perfect body exfoliator is in full swing. But it's time to stop looking: Frank's coffee scrub will have your skin in tip-top condition in no time, and have you smelling yourself all day long...

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The New Boyfriend Jean

I've always been a skinny jean kinda girl. But with the new craze of mum/ boyfriend shapes swarming the market, I thought I'd try at the lesser-known version of baggy jeans: the girlfriend jean.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Exploring London: Covent Garden

Welcome to a new series! Considering the city of lights, shopping and afternoon tea is right on my doorstep, why not post more about it! In this series, I'll be exploring my favourite coffee pit-stops, hidden gems, and touristy must-see's - all in my favourite neighborhoods. Today we're exploring Covent Garden - the best place to go if you're looking for buzzy atmosphere, a cool shopping experience and tasty food.


Opera Tavern
One of Covent Garden's best dining options and among London’s top tapas bars, Opera Tavern serves Spanish-Italian dishes in the cosy setting of a former pub.

A polished imitation of the New York one- itself an interpretation of a buzz-tastic French brasserie. Booking is absolutely essential for here!

The best secret jaunt in London! Hidden away in the colourful rainbow of Neal's Yard, this very instagram-worthy pizza place will serve you up the biggest pizza you've ever seen, with deliciously unique flavour combinations.

Bageriet Swedish Café
I'm dying to try this little gem. This Scandi bakery serves scrumptious sweet and savoury treats. I hear you must try their 'kannelbullar' (cinammon buns).

Possibly my favourite Italian restaurant of all times, or is that a too bigger statement? I think it's too true to deny - this Venetian restaurant is to. die. for. The perfect place to go for with friends and family as you order lots of small plates and all share and dig in together! I highly recommend their pork and fennel meatballs....sorry to make your mouth water.


Monmouth Coffee
Monmouth travels the world to discover the best coffee, and their dedication shows. Coffee shops from all over London brew Monmouth, so why not grab a cup from the original company? Behold - this is the place to grab coffee, so don't expect to find an empty seat!

A very tumblr-esque place that brews some of the best coffee in town. This cozy, chic café is the perfect place to enjoy a more-than-delicious flat white.

TY Seven Dials
Coffee/tea gourmet brews, all-day breakfast, simple snacks and freshly baked cakes in a very, trendy spot. A great little jaunt if you're looking for somewhere to study, work or read.


Kikki. K
This brand new Swedish stationary store is the shop of all dreams! They sell just about anything and at a pretty reasonable price too.

Chanel Beauty Pop-Up
This Chanel beauty store is any blogger or makeup maven's dream.

Larson and Jennings
This new, up-and-coming watch shop is a clean, minimalistic and contemporary store that sells beautiful Swiss-made watches in an array of sizes and colours.


Dirty Martini
With expert bartenders shaking up beautiful bespoke cocktails daily, this basement bar is the perfect place to drink and dance the night away. With top DJ's playing every weekend, this place is a great stop for after-work drinks, sophisticated parties and entertaining clients.

This late-night, full-on American bar is filled with checked shirt bartenders, live bands, a little karaoke and all-night US-style eats.

With crystal chandeliers and comfy seats for the bar, and neon lights with chic booths for the club, this popular hot spot is the place to be when the sun goes down.

Tiger Tiger
Okay, this may be nearer to Piccadilly Circus than Covent Garden, however, I couldn't give this one a miss. Sip cocktails and dance the night away on the 1970's-style dancefloor at one of London's most-loved clubs.

And that's it! Of course, there are so many other amazing things to do, eat and see in Covent Garden but I've just a picked a few of my faves. If you have any recommendations of anything then leave them in the comments below or tweet me! Hope you all enjoy this new series!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Style Breakdown: Gigi Hadid

Perhaps it's her impeccable figure, her luscious locks or her envious squad of equally beautiful best friends, either way Hadid is a supermodel in the making and she's 99% there. As with every teenage girl, Hadid is definitely up there on my list of modern muses. Hadid's style combines sportswear and sophisticated separates that creates an effortlessly chic look, perfect for go-sees, post-workout coffee-stops or hopping on a flight. Pair this with her Californian beauty of blonde, beachy hair and lightly sunkissed skin and you have every girl attempting to imitate her likeness. And yes, I'm on of those girls. Today I've dived deeper into the heart of Hadid's style, breaking down her essentials for us all to steal emulate. Here's what I found.

Friday, 15 January 2016

A Fashion Instagrammer's Guide to Taking Better Pictures

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If there's one thing fashion people love, it's Instagram. Whether it be documenting their latest shoe purchase, their fashion week highlights or their equally stylish best friends. But much like the outfits they wear, taking the perfect instagram shot is an art form to master. For the best of us, angles are awkward, colors are tinged (pre-filter application), and the focus is off. In other words, our social media fashion game may not be quite as strong as we'd like it to be. Even without the perfect 'gram glam squad (think a photographer to take the picture, a hair stylist on hand for that perfect tousled look, and a personal bag holder for while you strut your stuff), it's possible to take a better style snap by adopting a few iPhone hacks. Ahead, I explain (not that I'm a total expert - I'm in the same field as you guys!) how to take six quintessential fashion photos, and the tweaks to take your phone photos to the next level.

The 'From Above' shot
Ahh the classic. This one is easy peasy as long as you get the angle right. My top tip: stand up straight! Whether you're perfecting the shoe shot or the foodie shot, standing up straight will give you the perfect angle. Especially if you're snapping food - I always used to stretch my arms over the table in hope for a great shot, where in turn I would end up with a blurry, awkward-angle snap.

All instagram pics from Aimee Song

The 'Organised Chaos' Shot
Also a fashion instagrammers fave. The hardest part about taking a from-above still life is making sure everything is in its perfect place. The hack here is to make sure you have an array of angles in the one shot- twist things in different directions, facing the right and wrong way. Another tip is to make sure the picture is busy. Fill the frame with everything from candles, to flowers, to products to even the edge of a scarf.

All instagram pics from Julia Engel

The 'Action' Shot
Whether it be models working their game down the runway or your stylish self waltzing down the pavement for a great candid moment, the key is to hold your finger on the shutter. This will take a series of photos in succession. This way, you'll be guaranteed to get a perfect shot, and reduce the amount of blurry, out-of-focus ones you often get with this type of snap.

All instagram pics from Rosie Londoner (the QUEEN of the action shot!)
The 'OOTD' Shot
C'mon, how could I not include this? This the ULTIMATE fashion instagram. It's a great way of showing off your stylish ensemble, what you recently bought or one of your favourite items. It's also a perfect shot to advertise a blog post - maybe you've blogged about a certain item and are wearing it that day, why not instagram it to show how much you love it or how good it looks! My top tip is to play with attitude! Go with your outfit, if it's edgy and cool, cross your arms and stand with your legs slightly apart. Or if it's a feminine look, maybe try an action shot and twirl to show how beautiful the skirt or dress looks flowing!

All instagram pics from Adenorah
There you have it! Instagram is seriously becoming a habit of mine (who am I kidding, 'becoming'? It's been this way for a while Emma!) It's super fun, creative and very addictive. Have fun and good luck snapping!

Do you have instagram? Leave your handle in the comments box below or tweet me so we can follow each other!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Minimal-Meets-Essential: My Wardrobe Must-Haves

I'm starting the year correctly - I promised myself I would post more about style. I truly believe there is a gap in the market on how to cultivate and define ones own unique style, especially for teenagers/ young females like you and I. Personally, I believe fashion is an art form that can be used as a creative canvas to express something intrinsically personal, but at such a young age we often get caught up in trends and what our friends or favourite celebrities are wearing instead of being the best version of ourselves.

So today I'm here to talk about the classic wardrobe pieces that I could not live without. Every woman has her take on wardrobe essentials, ranging from the crisp white shirt to ballet pumps, but below is my take on it. I'd describe my style as being a cross between a Parisian and a 90's Calvin Klein model - in other words: classic with an edge. Expect to see lots of denim, muted colours and timeless prints.

You've probably all seen this before, but it's surprising how many of the classics we don't actually have. Take this list to your wardrobe and check off what you have, and what you need.
  1. High-waisted jeans - I'm a sucker for tucking tops in to my trousers or skirts, so high-waisted jeans are made for that look, not to mention that they accentuate your waist and make your legs resemble Cindy Crawford's. I love all denim jeans but I definitely think this cut is the most flattering on me and I love the 90's vibe they give to an outfit.
  2. Classic black heel - The pairings are endless for these timeless shoes. They're probably the most versatile shoe there is out there. You can wear them to work, to a party, to a dinner date, to a cocktail bar with your friends and probably just about everywhere else. Also, this shoe is so Parisian!
  3. A backpack - I used to have a stigma about backpacks making me look five years younger than I actually am, but since purchasing the Longchamp version, I've been wearing it virtually everyday. It provides a casual, cool vibe to a polished and sophisticated outfit. It has such a classic and timeless shape to it too.
  4. Chelsea boots - the comfiest boot that'll go with every outfit. 
  5. Black crossbody bag - Perfect from day to night, the crossbody bag is an accessory must-have.I'm seriously lusting after this Topshop version, the snakeskin adds edge and texture.
  6. Denim jacket - Ah, the denim jacket. I wear mine (seen in the picture above) most, if not all, days of the week. Like the backpack, it adds a cool and casual vibe. I love adding a 90's twist to outfits and this jacket does that perfectly. Make sure any denim jacket you buy is slightly cropped ad a little oversized for maximum style points.
  7. Sneakers - I'm currently on the hunt for some trainers as I keep wearing my sister's! It's only recently that I've learned how much these are a staple to my wardrobe. I love teaming them with something smart and sophisticated for juxtaposition. I'll make sure to purchase either a pair of New Balance or Nike's in black and white.
  8. A trench coat - You all know my obsession for coats and jackets so of course a few are bound to crop up here. The trench coat has long served as a classic in everyone's wardrobe; I'm definitely holding out for a Burberry when I'm older.
  9. Ballet pumps - These add a feminine touch to an androgynous outfit and add a little 'Audrey' to any outfit. In honesty, I love all flats - especially loafers. There's something so masculine and cool about them.
  10. Plain white tees - Of course this had to be on the list. Need I say more?
  11. Mini skirt - I love wearing skirts, be it denim, corduroy, a button-down or leather. 
  12. A blazer - Another jacket, obvs. Blazers are my go-to for if the weather is not quite cold or warm, and definitely if I want to smarten up an outfit. My favourite blazer is a black and white striped one from Topshop. I love the sleeves rolled up and worn slightly boxy for a cool and effortless finish.
  13. The striped tee - Anything striped and I love it. The striped tee works with everything and anything. I currently adore teaming my Breton top with leather leggings and sneakers.
What are your wardrobe essentials?

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

My Favourite Bloggers of 2015

Rounding up my favourite bloggers of 2015 was quite the challenge. I discovered so many new blogs over the past year and fell back in love with some of my old favourites. Most of these below, I confess, are blogs that I've followed for years but they were definitely the blogs that inspired me the most throughout 2015. Let's take a look...