Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fun Favourites

Hope everyone's had a good weekend ! As always, here are a few of my weekly favorites...

  • Favourite Flower Arrangement:

  • Favourite Quote:

  • Favourite Celebrity Style (Mila Kunis):

  • Favourite Fashion Moment (The one and only, Anna Dello Ruso during Milan Fashion Week):

  • Favourite T.V Programme: (One of them!):


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Monday, 25 July 2011

Fashion Favourites

Hey! This is my first time doing this type of post, nothing really to do with fashion or style but I really liked Lauren Conrad's version of this post. Please leave comments if you like the post or not, it will help alot! Hope everyone has a nice week, speak soon! But there won't be many posts from Thursday as I'm escaping rainy England to make love with the Switzerland horizon for 2 weeks. I'll try and keep you guys updated if I can! Here's a few of my fashion favorites from the past week...

Favourite Weekend Look:

Favourite Windy Day Hairstyle:

Favourite Mix (silk, crochet, crystals = wonderful!):

Favourite Fun Manicure:

Favourite Photo:

Favourite Dog (is it even real?!):

Favourite Shoe (brogues):

What To Wear To: A Garden Party

Its all about the dresses! Garden parties are back in style and I love this sweet, English fashion trend that designers like Erdem use in their collections. There's a dress for every style so I've told you what to pair with what style.

Miss Selfridge
If I bought this dress I'd... Add splashes of colour everywhere! Pair it with bright oxfords (Office have loads!) or black tights and neutral oxfords if your a bit colour-shy. Hair MUST be down as it may look too prim and polished. Taylor Swift has this dress, so why not pair it also with a cute saddle bag like her?!! She also added a black slip underneath to create a flouncy petticoat, take notes? YES!

If I bought this dress I'd... Add tan or gold accessories. Sandals are a complete must-have with this look but colour-wise I think tan would be best as a sandal. Layered jewellery and beachy waves is major to this style dress. Take a look at Vanessa Hudgens' style.

New Look
If I bought this dress I'd... Pair it with gold accessories to add a bit more warmth to the hues. I think the cue here is to keep it simple and minimalistic, keep makeup neutral and natural.

If I bought this dress I'd... Give it a sexy and edgy twist. As Its a garden party though -try not to make it too 'night club-like'. Pair this sludgy green dress with a black leather clutch, black tights, layered jewellery, a cute smokey eye and a hot pink pout!


Sunday, 24 July 2011

How To Get Rid of Spots Forever

WE ALL HATE (and have...) SPOTS!! They are so ugly and well, just a pain all over! But I’ve come up with an amazing remedy that really cures spots - not only does it take away grease, it also prevents spots from appearing and helps them vanish quicker!

  • STEP 1: Apply Neutrogena '2-in-1 Wash and Mask'. Personally, I use the refreshing wash in the morning and the soothing mask at night. It does work! Use it everyday (especially the wash) and within 2 days your spot will had gone and none will come back for ages!

STP 2: NO-one really knows this one, but I read it in a book, tried it and it works! Cut about 5 small pieces of sellotape. And on your t-zone (the area where most spots appear- forehead, nose and chin) stick the bits of sellotape on you face. Leave for about 5 mins and then take it all off. It will go red for about 30 seconds and then it will go away. It will feel sticky and and a bit weird at first but it will soon go away, and your spots will vanish within a flash! (This does not have to be done straight after applying Neutrogena) STEP 3: After doing the sellotape, just to tame the redness and the sticky weird feel, using a good face cream - soothe it on. No to much, as your skin will go all greasy again! Moisturizing is so important to the skin, especially the face! When your older (if you moisturize) your skin will be less wrinkly and more smooth!!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Celeb Bag Look-Alikes!


Holiday mo-mento's (from 2010)

Every year me and my family go to the hot and sunny Zermatt, Switzerland. Were going there this year too, but not next year. This time, next Thursday, I'll be on flying on club class on the plane - and on my way to my hotel, Parkhotel Beau-Site for nearly 2 weeks!

The famous Matterhorn!

Me and my Nan!

Even the pay bills are pretty!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hot Makeup Trends For Autumn!

Its basically Summer colours in the Autumn! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! All designers ave been bending over backwards to try out these looks and well, I've been lucky to have a sneaky preview of various designers' A/W 2011 makeup look's and here they are but shhhhhh!!





Sorry That Just Didn't Quite Fit...

Ashley Greene
Did she forget her spray tan or did America loose the sun? A hot, sexy tan would have looked great with this sophisticated jumpsuit. However, it ages her completely! She's only 24 and in this picture I'd say she looks about 30, especially with classic red lipstick and glossy waves. Also the layered necklaces are a bit cheesy, I would have paired my jumpsuit with layered bracelets as the arms look bare, and colour-pop clutch and shoes.

Katy Perry
Well, did she borrow clothes from her great grandma? Katy Perry has completely change her style - from rubber suits to...grandma dresses?!! Personally, I would have just not worn the dress! I like her new hot hue though, and those cute peep-toe heels!

Serena Williams
Dress for your shape! I always believe the famous saying from Karl Lagerfeld, "shape before fashion". It's very true! Although this would look very hot on Audrina Patdrige or Ashley Tisdale, I think the top's too revealing, the skirt is too tight and shiny (consequently it makes her thigh's look huge!) and the jacket gives the image that she has extremely broad shoulders. Plus a splash of pink or red would have been nice. Take notes from Naomi Campbell, Serena!

Melissa George
Lingerie much? Its just all wrong, from the shoes to the hair, from the hair to the necklace! Also I wish she would have sunbathed the night before or got a spray tan! With her figure and hair - I would have taken style tips from boho-chic Vanessa Hudgens. And again, a nice pink or red hue could have looked great! Its all to plain and drab and simple!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011