Sunday, 10 July 2011

Nothing much to say...

Hey guys! Haven't done a post in a while but a few days ago at school my friends and I got some really cool pictures taken at lunchtime. It was tog day... I LOVE TOG DAY! I love showing off what's behind my wardrobe door. I always think that fashion tells a personality, for example, (this is an easy example but..) if you always wear black people will think your gothic, hard and snappy but with a dark romantic side. Anyway the two other girls you see in the pictures are my two girleees, Jennifer and Amy! The only thing with the pictures is they have stupid watermarks, sorry!

(Psssssst! Nothing really to do with fashion this post is it, but lets see if you can guess our personalities? Check out my new top aswell from Topshop!!)

(left to right: Jennifer Carroll, me and Amy Browne)


Copyright@ Emma Fox has taken all these photos (D.James photography is a copyrighted company)

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