Wednesday, 31 August 2011

If I had £200 To Spend In Topshop I Would Buy...

My style always been/ is very girly. I'm really into cream lace, floral punchy prints like the vest top below and non-vintage vintage pieces and where's better to look for all that?! Yep, keep thinking... So what if I never, ever, ever, ever, EVER get £200 to spend in Topshop, I can still dream!

Vest Top ,£15.00 (sale price)

Playsuit, £39

Lace Skirt, £38

Jersey Top, £18

Dress, £32

Blazer, £55

And with £2 left to spend!


Fun Favourites

Hey everyone! Mid-week and last day of August, so I thought I'd do something extra special...

Favourite Relaxing Photo (Boy, oh, boy do I need this right now!!):

Favourite Make-up (The one and only Lauren Conrad - she does the best makeup!):

Favourite Sweet/Chocolate:

Favourite City Bag:

Favourite Blog For Nail Inspiration (Click Here!):

Favourite Party Dress (Click here!):


Smoke & Mirrors

Topshop gave my sister's receipt in a miniature booklet telling us all about their Autumn/Winter makeup collection called 'Smoke & Mirrors. Its inspired by the high glamour of the early 70's when slinky cocktail dresses were accompanied by perfectly polished beauty and 70's disco grunge. Visit Topshop for an actual make-up video on how to create the two looks I attempted myself...

  • Look One: Grunge Glamour
  1. Dust a powder that is one shade lighter than your foundation (or natural skintone).
  2. Smudge on a dark grey eyeshadow onto eyelid up to socket, then use a shade lighter underneath the brows.
  3. Pencil in thick amounts, a black eyeliner and gently flick but not to long or thick.
  4. Add false eyelashes.
  5. Groom eyebrows with a touch of balm and then ontop and underneath brows using a highlighter.
  6. Line the lips with a shade darker than natural lip colour.
  7. Apply a musky brown blusher and your ready to go!!

^^ My lips look a bit weird, but your's won't!

  • Look Two: Perfectly Polished
  1. Using a pale beige/pink eyeshadow, apply onto eyelid and up to brows.
  2. Bring the brown matte shadow (preferably one that's creamy but I used a dust) to socket.
  3. Also apply the brown matte shadow underneath the bottom lashes.
  4. Apply tons of mascara!!!
  5. Blend a highlighter to nose, cheekbones, upper lip and browbone.
  6. Sweep a bronzer underneath cheekbones to define.
  7. Then add a cherry blush onto apples of cheeks.
  8. Give your lips a nude, sleek sheen with a dab of pink lipgloss!
  9. Whala! Your looking perfectly polished!


Monday, 29 August 2011

10 Things In My Wardrobe I Love ...

(click on photo's to view larger)

Topshop (Bag)

New Look (Heels)

New Look (Suede Flats)

River Island (Blazer)

River Island (Cardigan)

Topshop (Kimono)

Hollister (Skirt)

Topshop (Denim Jacket)

Jack Wills (T-Shirt)

Jack Wills (Gilet)

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Fun Favourites

Hey everybody! Raining here AGAIN here in England, but eh what can you expect?? I was flicking through Look Bloggers Competition (I'd enter but I'm too young...) and came across a rather good blog! Named Temporary Secretary, she wears some amazing jewellery that she sells! Hope everyone has a nice and relaxing weekend (but if your in England, just try to avoid the rain!) Goodbye!

Favourite Jewellery Selection Box (I hate you Temporary Secretary...):

Favourite Matte Nude Heels:

Favourite Jewellery (I love bright, kooky jewellery this season, whether its Summer or not! Click Here!):

Favourite Sweet/Chocolate (I've eaten macaroons at the famous Sprungli in Zurich!):

Favourite 'I WILL GO THERE SOMEDAY' Destination:


Saturday, 27 August 2011

Review: Tigi Foxy Curls Hi-Def Curls Spray

I bought this product yesterday actually and I think Its amazing, whether you have natural curls like me or not! I'm always up for products that you can put on wet or dry hair because I wash my hair at night which means I use it wet (then sleep on it...) and then retouch up my curls with it in the morning. It gives a wet, scrunched look so its the type of product that maybe you need to keep in your bag at all times to keep that 'wet' appeared look?!! And the best thing I haven't even said yet... It smells like Skittles - so its a perfume too! There's something about Bed Head (Tigi) products that go really well with my hair - it does EXACTLY what it says (on all products) so there definitely worth splashing the cash! There products are quite expensive though, the above was £10.50 but all you need is at the most 5 sprays a day which also means it lasts forever. I'll always recommend their products and especially this one!

Rating: * * * * * (out of 5)


Monochrome Polkadots

Hey everybody! After waiting around for 20 mins (rainy England day, as usual!) for the rain to stop, it finally did and blue skies broke out (sort-of!) so I took advantage of the 'finally no rain' moment and went out in my garden to do some photography. A dressy monochrome outfit. I predict that mid-season Autumn to Winter; monochrome will be back! So here's my attempt before it happens!

  • Bracelet 1: Accessorize
  • Bracelet 2 & 3 New Look (set of four with blue and brown)
  • Bracelet 3: Accessorize

^^Don't worry, I didn't get wet!

  • Top: H&M
  • Skirt: Topshop
  • Heels: New Look

Thursday, 25 August 2011

How to turn Summer Whites into Autumn Grunge Deluxe...

  • White maxi skirt...
Your summer white maxi actually makes an easy switch into Autumn with a chunky knit sweater and tough utilitarian booties to balance out the lightness and add some warmth.
  • Lace LWD...
Anchor your lacy LWD with a military-hued anorak and desert booties for a polished, on-the-go Autumn style — then add your ladylike purse to play up the dress's girly feel.

  • White skinnies...
To take the summery feel out of white skinnies, add a darker palette on top with plaid print. Then, play to Autumn texture with a faux fur vest and edgier studded flats for an unexpected finish.

  • White maxi dress...
A white maxi is the perfect counterpart to Autumn staples, like a great denim shirt or jacket, and a pair of chunky-soled ankle boots. To give it just a hint of luxe, add in a leather tote and cinch the waist with cool leopard print.

  • White shirt dress...
For your white shirt dress, the Autumn alternative is easy — take advantage of the length and pair it with cool leather pants or leggings. Layer on your favorite sweater and finish off with a pair of oxfords for a style you can hang in all season — even at the office.


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Paris Here I come!

One holiday after another! Well, earlier this year I got offered (in school) to sing at Disneyland Paris! And of course, I said YES! I do £50 singing lessons at my school and I won our school version of 'Britain's Got Talent' I will be staying in Paris for 4 days (3 nights). On the first day I will be singing in the Paris version of Hyde park (forgot the name of it, sorry!), second day is going to be Disneyland - on all the rides then at night singing - third day is going to be sightseeing (including a boat trip on the River Seine and SHOPPING!) and then I'll go home on the fourth day! Rather exciting, right?!! I will be going in March and travelling by Eurostar. Although 'excited' is one of my emotions, nervous is also in me! There's millions of people visiting Disneyland Paris, not to mention that maybe a celebrity will be there?!! But anyways, here a few pictures from Google to get me in the mood!


Saturday, 20 August 2011

Fun Favourites (Holiday Special!)

Hope everyone is having a nice and relaxing weekend! Sunday tomorrow and I'm visiting some friends/family in Forest of Dean, Wales. What are you guys tommorow, anything nice?? I was just casually looking at some old holiday photo's from 2003 to 2006 and came across these photo's...
Favourite Holiday Home (wish I was back in Florida now!!):

Favourite 'This Says So Much!' Photo (Taken in my Zermatt, Switzerland!)

Favourite 'Cute' Picture of Myself:

Favourite Family Picture (with my Nan & Grandad on this lovely boat! Sailing casually around the lake! I look so happy!)

Favourite Holiday Destination (the one and only Naples, Florida! Haven't been there in 5 years!):


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Capture The Moment

On rainy days I love to do photography for my blog. On Wednesday I went into London (Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly, Bond Street and Brooke Street!) and bought a stunning Jack Wills top on sale - £14 down from £36 which was a total bargain! So I thought maybe I'd show you guys it?!! I love how on the Jack Wills website they paired my top with a floral skirt which comes in handy since I own a Hollister floral skirt just like the one from the website! But here I paired it with some jeans and heels, a total day to night look (add a smart black blazer for night, add jewellery too!) so here it is...

(click on pictures to view larger).

A little edited one...

  • All bracelets from New Look apart from last three which are from Accessorize. Not all in the same set.