Sunday, 28 August 2011

Fun Favourites

Hey everybody! Raining here AGAIN here in England, but eh what can you expect?? I was flicking through Look Bloggers Competition (I'd enter but I'm too young...) and came across a rather good blog! Named Temporary Secretary, she wears some amazing jewellery that she sells! Hope everyone has a nice and relaxing weekend (but if your in England, just try to avoid the rain!) Goodbye!

Favourite Jewellery Selection Box (I hate you Temporary Secretary...):

Favourite Matte Nude Heels:

Favourite Jewellery (I love bright, kooky jewellery this season, whether its Summer or not! Click Here!):

Favourite Sweet/Chocolate (I've eaten macaroons at the famous Sprungli in Zurich!):

Favourite 'I WILL GO THERE SOMEDAY' Destination:


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