Friday, 30 August 2013

Weekend Fashion Inspo:

A good sweater tucked into a good skirt is the look for me this weekend.


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tuesday Ten: Autumn Style Ideas:

And my personal favourite...

What's your favourite look?

Monday, 26 August 2013

What to Wear With: The Black Tee

I am obsessed with black and t-shirts. Combined together and I am a happy bunny. I only bought the one in the images on Friday from Zara. It's a beautiful silk-y crepe material with a boxy shape and a slightly longer back, which adds interest. The simple tee is often too jazzed up (we're looking at you sequin skirt and matching jacket) and personally, I like the black tee to do all the talking and take the limelight. Think jeans and loafers, black flippy skirts and much more. Here are 3 ways to wear the black tee. Click below to see more:


September Wishlist:

Autumn is my favourite time of year. Not only because the log fire is lit up every night, hot chocolates are forever on the go, Yankee candles are constantly lit and blankets are draped everywhere! But, because autumn fashion is simply the best! I love chunky scarves, jackets, coats, ankle boots and generally the autumn colours are great. Above are a few things on my wishlist for September. Don't you think the dress from Zara is great for £19.99? It's the perfect transitional item and it will go great with those boots and a pair of tights. Let me know what's on your September wishlist in the comments!
  1. Super Facialist By Una Brennan Rose Hydrate Cleanser
  2. Zara Flat Chelsea Boots
  3. Essie Nail Polish in Red Nouveau 
  4. Zara Floral Print Dress
  5. Warehouse Black Bag
  6. Zara Mustard Checked Scarf (Check...already!)

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Scarfy Situation:

Scarves are always a pain when it comes to placing them somewhere. Do they go in a drawer? Locked away in a cupboard? Draped somewhere? Well, here I solve that very issue. I've always kept my scarves bunged all together in a drawer (which has creased them and made them dusty) and only recently have I found a new way to place them. I recently bought a scarf at the weekend (the mustard-y yellow one on the left from Zara) and wanted somewhere nice to display it. I simply got out one of my mum's hanger's (sshh!) and tied my favourite scarves over it. I tied it like I would on myself. I really like this design as it means that the scarves are out on show but don't get it the way, aren't getting creased, dusty and is much more accessible.

(Left) These are my favourite scarves, they're all perfect for Autumn and bunch really nicely together on this hanger. The mustard one is from Zara, the burgundy snood is from Topshop and the plaid scarf on the end is from (Burberry...I wish!) Topshop as well. (Right) These scarves are my sister's. I thought that I'd do the same for her as she loved the idea. From left to right, Warehouse, Topshop, and the end two are from Dorothy Perkins.

Will you hang your scarves like this? 


Friday, 23 August 2013

Zermatt Summer Photo Diary Day 5: Les Marmottes

The last day of my little Zermatt series, I really enjoy writing these posts and can't wait  until my next holiday so I can share it with you guys again! On day five we didn't go too high up into the mountains. It was our hottest day so far so of course we were dying of thirst! We stopped off at one of my favourite restaurants, Les Marmottes for drinks before we headed off the 'wobbly bridge'. I always love walking along the bridge, it's suspended so when the wind blows, you go with it! Also, it goes from one mountain to another and the view is just insane! Then, for our bite to eat we walked down to Blatten restaurant. We enjoyed apricot tarts and chocolate mousse. After a relaxing stop off, it was then time for relaxation by the pool having afternoon tea. Of course, we all knew what was coming our way. Booking our seats on the flight, packing and all the rest of it. So sad to think that yet another holiday is over but we've been spoilt this year with two trips so I should consider myself lucky!

 Les Marmottes is always decorated with lovely details of red.

 They have pet goats which are adorably cute. I name this one Jimmy, I think he suits a Jimmy.

The walk up to the bridge is fun, you go right through the forest and up on this boardwalk, before climbing over rocks to get to the bridge.

And we made it to the top! Here I am with my sister and my mum.

 My Grandad and I :)

 As you can see the bridge is very long and it wobbles as you walk on it, such a fun experience.

Mmmmm, black and white chocolate mousse with cream up at Blatten. I could just do with that right now.

Then, it was our last evening to dress up for our evening meal. 

That's the end of my photo diaries! I hope you all had fun reading them. I definitely recommend taking a holiday to Zermatt, Switzerland. It's such a lovely place that is peaceful, tranquil but still bustly. There's so many adventures to take and hopefully sometimes soon I'll be able to fulfill more. Have a great day!   


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Tuesday Ten: A Guide to An Ultimate Parisian Lifestyle

It's no secret that we all view the French as well-dressed, after all, fashion pretty much began there. Coco Chanel, Oscar De La Renta, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton (among many other famous designers) are all French and all understand the Parisian way of life. I have read some good books that help you to understand that certain je ne sais quoi and here I am today revealing the secrets! There will be a little part two to this post on how to achieve the ultimate Parisian wardrobe (and makeup and beauty kit), which I am very excited to write and I am sure you are all excited to read it too. But for today, we are exploring the Parisian way of life. How they view their eating habits, exercise, hobbies, entertaining guests, interior design and their general outlook on life. There is something about Parisians that everything they do is so romantic, of good quality and plein de vie. Below is a petite guide on how to live the Parisian way of life. Bonne lecture! Click below to read more...


Monday, 19 August 2013

The September Issue:

September is the month for fresh starts. In the fashion world, September is the pivotal point, marking the season of the latest collections, huge magazine issues and yet another round of runway shows. For me, Harper's Bazaar always has the best September issue (although Vogue is equally good, of course), the features and the edits are always the best at forecasting the hottest trends for autumn, September and spring. Never one to say no to a freebie, when I saw that (exclusively to) Waitrose had nestled in the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum I was literally jumping for joy! However, I have tried them a few times and as much as they smell nice, I don't really notice much of a difference (perhaps its because I'm only a teen and don't really need anti-ageing products!). The magazine is brilliant and definitely deserves a place on my coffee table. Click below to see a bit of the inside and the little freebie...


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Thinking Of: Prom Dresses

When I go back to school in September I'm in year 11 (which is 10th grade for you Americans across the pond!). The first thing that springs to mind is yes, completing and (hopefully) passing all of my GCSE's but prom and the end of school festivities is much more exciting to think about! I have a pretty good idea of what sort of dress I am looking for. My prom will be in June time so I will probably get my dress about a month before (or whenever I see one I like). And of course, I thought you'd all be interested in the potential dresses I've seen so far. Obviously, nearer prom season there will be more variety, but I couldn't stop myself from looking! All of the below dresses are ones I like and am considering to actually purchase. Let me know which ones you like in the comments what one's your favourite...
Nail varnish in Limo-Scene - Essie, dress - Topshop Boutique, clutch - Alexander McQueen, heels - Zara.
I for one love this dress, I love how it completely steers clear of your stereotypical prom dress. I first saw it on Kim from Love Cloth and thought she looked stunning so searched for it myself. The colour is very pretty and I would team it with gold accessories for a warm feel. Edge the dress up with straight, matte textured hair but with soft, neutral makeup a la Whitney Port.
Dress - Topshop, nail varnish in Red Nouveau - Essie, clutch - Kotur, bracelet - Eddie Borgo 
Also a beautiful Topshop dress, this soft and romantic dress will instantly make you the belle of the ball. As there is already gold embellishment, I thought I'd pair it with silver accessories for added surprise. The half-up-half-down hair look is probably how I will have my hair and I think it would look incredible against this dress. Very expensive but perfect to wear again to a wedding or any other special occasion.
Dress - ASOS,  shoes and rings - both Topshop, earrings - Lulu Frost
This one's for the bohemian prom queen. I love the free and easy spirit that comes with this dress and again, I love how it's completely different from a typical prom dress. The colour, length and embellishment gives it a bohemian vibe so would team perfectly with either brown gladiator heels or Topshop's strappy silver pair. Add stacked rings and earrings with a textured updo for that perfect boho feel.  
Dress - Coast, heels - Christian Louboutin, clutch - Coast, lipstick in Boom Boom - Topshop
I saw this dress when I was shopping on Saturday and trust me, it's even more beautiful in person (very heavy but beautiful!). Contrary to the other dresses, Coast's teal maxi screams 'prom' and is very elegant and classy. Instead of a classic updo or your everyday look, surprise them all with matte, beachy waves paired with hot, pinky purple lip. 

Dress - Coast, lipstick in Screen Siren - Topshop, clutch  - Coast, shoes - Jimmy Choo
The most elegant and glamorous of them all is this navy blue dress by Coast. For an even more glamorous touch, team the dress with glossy, retro waves and red lips. Or, if you would prefer an updo, try something like this as it is very sleek and polished and pair it with a bright pink lipstick as in the previous pairing above. This dress is very pretty although, for £175 I'm not sure if it stands out enough for me.

Let me know in the comments below what dress is your favourite and how you would wear it. Thanks for reading!


Thursday, 15 August 2013

Zermatt Summer Photo Diary Day 4: Riffelalp & Grunsee

Day four was very relaxed and enjoyable. I remember that it was the hottest day so far and that we were all fighting for shade and water! First, we got the train up to Riffelalp (I love going on this train, the views are amazing as it cuts right though the edge of the mountain, and goes past an incredible waterfall too). Once we got up there, we decided to have a little walk along the Grunsee route. Grunsee is a little village on the edge of a mountain but we didn't walk that far on this holiday, we only walked the first ten minutes of the walk as a little stroll. We stopped at this little stream to take in all the views...

We weren't the only ones who decided to stop and gaze at the beautiful view...

Then it was on to the uhhhhhmazingly good restaurant at Riffelalp

My sister shared an apple crumble tart and had pure vanilla bean frappes!

And of course, the evening rolled in and it was time to dress up! I'm wearing a Zara skirt, Topshop top, my sisters (well...mine now!) Warehouse jacket. Jess is wearing a Topshop cream top and a H&M skirt.

Only one more photo diary to go!


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Reasons to Love: Alexa Chung

One of the key things within a style for me is unpredictability. Wondering what Rosie, Miranda or Poppy will wear is fun (hell yeah!) but there's something about the Chung that is so exciting. Her style doesn't have one of those annoying labels like 'preppy chic' or 'sexy yet sophisticated' which is what I love even more about her style. Flick though these photos for inspiration; these are my reasons to love Alexa Chung...Click below to read more:


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Tuesday Ten: An Outfit for Every Occasion

1.Sightseeing/shopping  | 2.Work
3.Wedding | 4. After-work drinks
5. Travelling | 6. Cocktails with friends
7. Date night | 8. Party/clubbing
9. Special event | 10. Gym clothes
All outfits are from


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Zermatt Summer Photo Diary #3: Franz & Heidi (Findlerhof)

The third day of my little Zermatt series. This day we headed up to Sunegga to walk down to my favourite restaurant Franz & Heidi. It sits beautifully on the edge of the mountain, looking right at the Matterhorn. We all had cake, ice cream and drinks before we then trekked back down to Zermatt. The 1st of August is National Swiss Day so of course the town, restaurants and villages in the mountains were scattered with red and white celebrations. Our hotel always puts on such a lovely evening. The terrace is where it all begins with all of the guests mingling outside having the starters and champagne. Then it kicks off inside with yet again, a beautiful menu (pink-roasted steak in red wine sauce with courgette, cherry tomatoes and rosemary potatoes). Oh and how could I almost forget the desserts? The salad bar is transformed into a stunning dessert heaven with tiramisu, white chocolate mousse with berries, tarts, small, dainty pastries and much more. All the regular guests that go every year join each other in celebration of Swiss night. After having out tummies stuffed, we strolled outside for the oh-so-famous fireworks. They get better and better every year and they echo after each one trembles and bursts in the air. Champagne is brought round from the waiters and waitresses.

 The gorgeous lake up at Sunegga.

It's always nice to just stop and take in the precious view!

Arrival at Franz & Heidi (a.k.a Findlerhof). Just look at that view...

Mmmm, pistachio and citron sorbet ice cream - delicious!

My family and I all starving to begin the starters!

The fireworks are always so brilliant and awesome. The echo of the bang in the mountains is indescribable.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the evening as we always do.