Sunday, 25 August 2013

Scarfy Situation:

Scarves are always a pain when it comes to placing them somewhere. Do they go in a drawer? Locked away in a cupboard? Draped somewhere? Well, here I solve that very issue. I've always kept my scarves bunged all together in a drawer (which has creased them and made them dusty) and only recently have I found a new way to place them. I recently bought a scarf at the weekend (the mustard-y yellow one on the left from Zara) and wanted somewhere nice to display it. I simply got out one of my mum's hanger's (sshh!) and tied my favourite scarves over it. I tied it like I would on myself. I really like this design as it means that the scarves are out on show but don't get it the way, aren't getting creased, dusty and is much more accessible.

(Left) These are my favourite scarves, they're all perfect for Autumn and bunch really nicely together on this hanger. The mustard one is from Zara, the burgundy snood is from Topshop and the plaid scarf on the end is from (Burberry...I wish!) Topshop as well. (Right) These scarves are my sister's. I thought that I'd do the same for her as she loved the idea. From left to right, Warehouse, Topshop, and the end two are from Dorothy Perkins.

Will you hang your scarves like this? 


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