Friday, 31 August 2012

August Beauty Favourites:

Hey everyone! It's Friday...booyah! Ha! Considering it's the last day of August (already?!) I thought it would be a great idea for my August beauty favourites. From eyelash curlers to toners to curling creams - it's all here! Some of these items are just what I've worn most of in August or bought in August or that I'm just simply loving lately. See it here after the jump (click below):


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Currently On My Shopping List: LUSH Facial Products...

Hey lovelies! So today I went into LUSH (I've always been a fan of LUSH but haven't really been interested to go in there as of late but today I thought I would) after I read a few reviews on the Tea Tree Water toner/oil and Ocean Salt exfoliater. One of my all time favourite Youtuber's (Miss Glamourazzi, aka Ingrid) uses these products and says that both do wonders for her skin (we both have oily, acne-prone skin) so I thought I'd try them out for myself. I tested the Tea Tree Water as I was mostly drawn this. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's a water/toner/oil spray for oily skin. It helps balance skin and it has antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties in it. When I tried it it was really refreshing, soothing and made my skin look really vibrant! Yay! I purchased the small bottle for £3.50 - so worth the money! So after I was really happy with this I thought It would be the same about Ocean Salt. I couldn't try it in store so I can't really tell you my opinion! It's still on my shopping list though. Ocean Salt is basically an exfoliater with real sea salt crystals that help to make the skin feel fresh and awake. I really like the sound of that! If you've tried Ocean Salt please give me your opinions!

What's on your shopping list? Please let me know, I love reading your comments. Speak soon...


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tuesday Ten: Food For... Beauty?

In my opinion, a healthy, natural and glowy face is much prettier than a face caked in makeup. Makeup is meant to enhance and hide not change. But of course, we're not all blessed with clear skin and nourished Kate Middleton-esque hair, are we. So here are the top ten food to fight acne breakouts and food to achieve healthy, shiny hair.

  1. Carrots - Foods that give your body vitamin A give your body a healthy glow. Make sure you have a daily intake of carrots as they contain bete-carotene which enhances the benefits of selenium, a powerful antioxidant. 
  2. SalmonAnything rich with Omega-3 fatty acids like Salmon, sardines, mackerel and walnuts will also give skin a healthy, dewy glow. These food help reduce inflammation, which hide the visibility of pesky spots! 
  3. Almonds - Almonds are also high in omega-3 fatty acids which give an instant glow to skin. Almonds contain vitamin E, selenium and magnesium.
  4. Fruit & veg - Well, everybody (and you all know this!) must have at least 5-9 fruits and 3-5 vegetables a day. Fruit and veg contain numerous essential vitamins and minerals. Each day you should have an apple (and four other fruits) and carrots (and then 2 other vegetables).
  5. EggsThis amino acid which is eggs is known to give your body a healthy detox and promote hair growth (yes, really!) by actually increasing the thickness of each individual strand. Eggs also contain vitamin E.
  6. Green Tea - Green tea helps to burn fat, boost metabolic rate, it prevents bad breath and can fight against allergies. It's also proven to reduce over-acting glands (acne-prone areas) which help to reduce spots, for a brighter and clearer complexion.
  7. Watermelon - All melons boost your immune system and strengthen your cell walls. These foods help protect your skin from acne scarring and activate healing powers to amend irritated or damaged skin. Watermelons are, obviously, high in water content which free your system of toxins as well.
  8. Walnuts - Walnuts are the best thing for luscious, nourished hair. They contain zinc, which helps prevent hair shedding. Keep this snack around for mid-day munchies…and watch your hair go nuts (in a good way).
  9. Whole grainFoods like white bread, white rice, white refined flour, French fries, and mashed potatoes are some of the worst things to have in your diet if you want clear skin. Stick to whole grains. 
  10. SpinachIt’s no surprise that antioxidant foods are great for your health, but they also give your skin an extra dose of goodness too. Spinach is an antioxidant rich food which attacks free radicals in your body that cause skin damage and breakouts.


Monday, 27 August 2012

Street Style: Well Hello Autumn...

Street style is hotting up as the temperature cools down this Autumn with muddy colours, textured knits, and all things accessories like hats, scarves and ankle boots. Click below to read more...


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Weekend Craving

I don't think I've ever seen such a pretty shoe in my life. The antique-rose colour, the bow, everything. Ah. Valentino, you've done it again.


Saturday, 25 August 2012

The New Products On the Block...

  • Rimmel Wake Me Up Shimmer Touch Rimmel introduces new Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch to give an instant boost of shimmering radiance. The lightweight mousse formula is ultra-blendable and gives a long-lasting, natural-looking flush of colour. - £7.99
  • Bobbi Brown BB Cream The secret to its multitasking magic: Water-attracting molecules boost hydration; light reflective pearls brighten dull skin; botanical extracts and caffeine reduce discolouration and redness; pore-reducing peptides minimise fine lines; and finally, broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and antioxidants fend off future damage - £28.00
  • Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara for brown/green/blue eyes Max Factor Eye Brightening Tonal Black Mascara, offers three individually designed mascaras for each eye colour - £4.99
  • Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush - Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush provides buildable, beautiful flush of colour, comes in 3 colours (Pinched, flushed, coral reef) - £5.99
  • Orly Mani Mini Feel the Vibe Nail Lacquer Make waves this summer with ORLY's Feel The Vibe Mani Mini Kit. These punchy fluoro hues will add a touch of glam to any beach look; the perfect accessory to take you from pool to party! Pow!
  • Revlon Colourstay Smokey Shadow Stick The expertly coordinated shades blend perfectly for a smoky eye that lasts.  Wears for up to 12 hours and doesn't crease, fade or smudge all day.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Get Ready For Autumn in 5 Easy Steps:

Autumn (Fall) is just around the corner so it's time to start trading iced coffees for a warm spiced pumpkin latte, that means it's time to also start transitioning our wardrobe's. With a closet full of feminine dresses, effortless maxi skirts, and white chiffon blouses, I'm (and I'm sure you are too) looking to tailored essentials like a sophisticated blazer, Autumn's more covered-up footwear, and a selection of moodier textures and fabrics to give your breezy pieces a little more backbone. So here are 5 easy steps on how to dress for the transition for the upcoming season.

  • Start simple - a cardigan may just be the best lightweight layer to begin the transition. Invest in soft cashmere versions and longer-length varieties that will wear just as well over your favourite Summer dresses now as they will with skinny jeans later on in the season.
  • Best foot forward - Your footwear is the easiest way to hint at the change of seasons. Start swapping your sandals and wedges for loafers and ankle boots that feel inherently like Autumn. You don't have to commit to a head-to-toe Autumn style, but changing your favourite gladiator sandals for a pair of loafers with your jeans shows you're on top of the seasonal shift.
  • Soft to the touch - While Summer is the season for breezy cotton, Autumn is all about rich, luxe textures. Start introducing corduroy on your pants, leather on your skirts and jackets, and look to faux fur detailing when the chill really sets in. Any of these more luxurious fabrications instantly gives your look a moodier, Autumn-appropriate feel.
  • Layer up on jackets - Looking to Autumn means adding to your jacket wardrobe. A denim button-down or anorak makes easy, everyday layers to throw over a printed dress, skirt, and a tee; later, they'll be staples in your full-fledged Autumn look alongside sophisticated skinnies and a snug sweater.
  • Getting Darker - Embrace the shift with a darker palette. Adding jewel tones and deep browns, blacks, and grays to temper bold print and bright colour can take even your summeriest printed skirts into Autumn.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hair-spiration: Creating Waves

Wavy hair my envy hair. See, I have curly hair so it's fairly easy to make my hair wavy but it doesn't me wavy...noooo! Waves just look so effortless, beachy, fun and messy. Earlier in the week I posted this article on how to achieve Jennifer Lopez's textured wavy ponytail. Which, according to stats and comments - a lot of you liked. Me too! I've pinned all of the pictures above on Pinterest, I think they look so cool and beachy. The key to getting this kind of look is a sea salt spray (for if your not actually at the beach!) So, I did a little research and here are the top 5 sea salt sprays...

See my 'hair' page on Pinterest here. There's only one more 'Hair-spiration' after this one as there's only one more week left in August! Next week's Hairspiration post is on how to create a a fishtail plait. Bye guys!


Back To School? Work? Uni/College?

Hey everyone! Considering it's coming to the end of the Summer and were all either heading of too school, uni/college or even work so I thought it would be a great idea to share some of these 'back to school' makeup tutorials with you guys. I think these looks though are great for work and uni/college too as they're not too young but there natural and pretty. The videos are by MissGlamorazzi (Ingrid), Pixi2woo (Tanya Burr) and RacchLoves (Rachel) all of whom I follow on Youtube. I really recommend you watch more of their videos, I think they're so amazing!


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday Ten: Top Places to Shop in London

London has several very distinct shopping streets. It's is renowned for it's amazing high-street, department stores (Selfridges!) and luxury designers. From luxury goods in Mayfair to quirky finds in Covent Garden. Here are my (and probably most people's) top ten places to shop in London...Click below to read more!


Autumn Trend #6: Fabulously British

Top - Jack Wills, heels - Nicholas Kirkwood, trousers - Theory, bracelet - Topshop
Flats - Jimmy Choo, trench coat - Burberry, jumper - Theyskens Theory, dress - Jack Wills

Top and blazer - both Jack Wills, jeans - Rang & Bone, boots - Burberry

Maybe it's the Jubilee and Olympic spirit that inspired designer's to dedicate their A/W collection's to the British. Burberry, Aubin & Wills, Jack Wills, Topshop and even Nicholas Kirkwood were in on the trend. Think lot's of plaid, tweed, blazers, trench coats, boots and... umbrella's! Tuesday Ten coming soon!


Sunday, 19 August 2012

How To: Jennifer Lopez's Textured Wavy Ponytail

Sigh. How does it look so good? I'm in absolute love after seeing Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet yesterday. Her hair's just so beachy, so big, so wavy, so not-perfect, so...ahh too many words. Enough jibber-jabber, want to re-create this look? Here's how (I'm excited too)...

Use your normal shampoo and conditioner but if you have fine hair, use a thickening shampoo and conditioner.

1) Tackle frizz when wet. Although Jennifer's hair is messy, it's not frizzy. To avoid frizz, apply a generous amount of oil (I use this one, but this and this is good too) on mid-lengths to ends of soaking wet hair.

2) I want a big one please. To get the gigantic volume Jennifer has, use a volumizing spray all over the hair (I can't get enough of this spray) or, if thickness is what your hair craves then use a texturizing gel like Bed Head's Manipulator.

3) Time to dry. If you have naturally curly/wavy hair then let your hair air dry. If not then use a diffuser at the end of your blow-dryer to create natural waves. If you must, then curl your hair but remember its waves that we want not curls.

4) My little pony. After your mane (yes, I did just say that) is fully dry, take an elastic and pull your hair right up to the top of your head, making sure the front is tight. Secure.

5) Wrap it around. Take a small section of your hair and wrap it around the hair tie and secure with bobby pins for a polished look.

6) The finale. Work a little curling cream/sea salt spray into hair and mess up the waves. Big time. Back come the top of the ponytail for more volume. Finish with hairspray and voila. Now all you need is killer curves and glamorous makeup and you could be Jennifer Lopez!

Hope you all enjoy re-creating this look. I've tried many times and I actually love it. Speak soon...


Friday, 17 August 2012

This Week I've Pinned...

Also, check out my interior design and lifestyle boards. Please follow me! Speak soon...


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Hair-spiration: The Braided Updo

Step 1: Part the hair into 5 sections. The two front sections pin up onto the head.
Step 2: Braid the three sections you have left.

Step 3: Pin the third braid to the left of the head.
Step 4: Pin the first section to the right of the head. Simple as that :)

Step 5: Pin the third braid doing a snake effect (see the white dotted line!)
Step 6: Finally take the two sections that were pinned at the front from the beginning and braid. Pin them both on top of the other braids.

And voila...


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tuesday Ten: Transitional Nail Colours from Summer to Autumn

  1. DIOR - 'Golden Jungle' nail lacquer - £18.00
  2. Essie - 'Gym Dandy' nail polish - £7.99
  3. O.P.I - 'I'm Not Really A Waitress' gel colour - £7.00
  4. Essie - 'Big Spender' nail polish - £7.99
  5. Butter London - 'Chancer' nail lacquer - £12
  6. DIOR - 'Summer Mix' nail lacquer - £18.00
  7. O.P.I - 'Gouda Gouda Two Shoes' - £7.00
  8. Essie - 'Go Overboard' nail polish - £7.99
  9. Butter London - 'Gobsmacked' nail polish - £12
  10. Butter London - 'Squatter' nail lacquer - £12


Monday, 13 August 2012

Accessory Note: Bright, Punchy and Candy Coated

Jewel bracelet  - J. Crew, blue heart necklace - Jennifer Meyer, purple jewelled stud earrings - Erickson Beamon, yellow necklace - J. Crew, peach necklace - J. Crew

I don't write about jewellery enough because I truly believe that accessories can make or break an outfit. That said, a true fashionista can differentiate between the accents that are worth spending a pretty penny on and those of-the-moment adornments that are okay to pass up. In today’s case - curating a little body candy is a must for summer and the transition into Autumn…and luckily, it’s a trend you don’t have splurge on. Here, above, are my top 5 picks. Carefully chosen by there punchy shades, statement jewels and candy colours good enough to eat! A good thing with cool jewellery like this, is that it can completely dress up a simple jeans and a tee pairing or look incredible with other bright colours too. 

Here's another idea too: If you have last season's clear crystal jewellery like this bracelet then why not update them by glossing over some bright nail varnish onto the crystals. It's a quick and simple DIY!

Which of these jewels are your favourite? Are you going to try the DIY? Try both and have fun! Speak soon!


Sunday, 12 August 2012

Currently Loving: Lauren Conrad's Autumn Collection

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't really posted much over the weekend, its been beautiful weather here so I've made the most of it! I can't believe it's the Olympics Closing Ceremony today - what else do I watch on TV, ha! So, you all know my obsession for Lauren Conrad; her pretty hair, pretty makeup, pretty clothes, pretty everything; and when I checked out her blog recently I came across her amazing Autumn collection. To me though, its more of a Summer collection (I guess, in America, you guys still have nice weather, whereas here in England its raining all of the time!) but I still think it's so beautiful. Very feminine, girly and flirty, tons of colours, cool prints and textures. Be sure to check out her complete collection here but click below for more pictures!


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hair-spiration: Braids & Buns

Someone please stop my obsession with braids and buns! I'm in love with them so much! I first created my Pinterest account to hold all of these beautiful pictures I found and pinning basically takes up 99% of my time, so no that much but I just love braids and buns so much! Whether they're together or separate. Intricate or messy, matte or glossy - I'm in love.

So from now until the end of August, every week I'll be posting pictures of hair-spiration (hairstyles I'm currently craving), tutorials, products and all things hair. The post won't be on any particular day, it will just be a weekly post. I hope you guys like this idea, I was trying to think of a cool name earlier that had a spin on the words August and hair but I couldn't think of anything so I called it Hair-spiration instead.

See my 'Hair' Pinterest page here. Enjoy!


Tuesday Ten: Perfect Transitional Items From Summer to Autumn

Green leather jacket - Alexander McQueen, ballet flats - J.Crew, dress - Chinti & Parker, army jacket - Topshop, heels - Nicholas Kirkwood, check shirt - BOY. by Band of Outsiders, skirt - J.Crew, bag - Gucci, necklace - Alex Monroe, ankle boots - Isabel Marant
  1. A leather jacket
  2. Ballet flats
  3. Off-duty dresses
  4. Military-style jackets
  5. Quirky heels
  6. Checked shirt
  7. Pencil skirt
  8. Bright-hued bag
  9. Ankle boots
  10. Pendant necklace
Only a few weeks until we hit the first month of Autumn (Fall, for my American viewers!). Did we even have Summer? July just flew by, wow, and England doesn't really have a good August in terms of weather! Anyway, so as promised, 10 perfect transitional items from Summer to Autumn. Lightweight and classic jackets, splashes of colour, ankle boots, checks (plaid!), stripes and a whole 'lotta style.


Friday, 3 August 2012

Autumn Trend #5: Let It Shine

The only way is to shine this A/W. Vibrant floral cigarette trousers tucked into snakeskin stud heels create the ultimate unexpected ensemble, while sequins adds intrigue to an all-black canvas. Prepare to have all eyes on you this season because you are the sensationalist. Put on the red lippy and let's roll! 
Top - Topshop, shoes - Christian Louboutin, trousers - DKNY, earrings - Rosantica

Clutch - Marni, skirt top and earrings  - all Topshop, heels - YSL

Dress - Malene Birger, blazer - Helmut Lang, heels - Miu Miu, lipstick - Topshop in Hazard