Monday, 13 August 2012

Accessory Note: Bright, Punchy and Candy Coated

Jewel bracelet  - J. Crew, blue heart necklace - Jennifer Meyer, purple jewelled stud earrings - Erickson Beamon, yellow necklace - J. Crew, peach necklace - J. Crew

I don't write about jewellery enough because I truly believe that accessories can make or break an outfit. That said, a true fashionista can differentiate between the accents that are worth spending a pretty penny on and those of-the-moment adornments that are okay to pass up. In today’s case - curating a little body candy is a must for summer and the transition into Autumn…and luckily, it’s a trend you don’t have splurge on. Here, above, are my top 5 picks. Carefully chosen by there punchy shades, statement jewels and candy colours good enough to eat! A good thing with cool jewellery like this, is that it can completely dress up a simple jeans and a tee pairing or look incredible with other bright colours too. 

Here's another idea too: If you have last season's clear crystal jewellery like this bracelet then why not update them by glossing over some bright nail varnish onto the crystals. It's a quick and simple DIY!

Which of these jewels are your favourite? Are you going to try the DIY? Try both and have fun! Speak soon!


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