Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Style Staples: Reese Witherspoon's 4 Go-To Pieces

It's hard not to love Reese Witherspoon. Whether she's winning us over in a romantic comedy or keeping up with her two kids, she simply radiates warmth. America's sweetheart maintains her approachable persona with outfits that mesh her Southern roots with her LA lifestyle. Here's her recipe for looking polished on the fly.

Skirting the Issue:

Slouchy Sweaters:


Denim Darling:


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tuesday Ten: Ways To Work Your Weekend Style

Sometimes with the weekends, we tend to either slip into sloppy territory or go the complete opposite direction into too dressy and uncomfortable mode. With weekend wear, opt for something casual and comfortable yet stylish and suitable for the occasion. When I say weekend wear, I mean outfits for going out shopping or brunch with the girls, something during the day and casual. I seem to always wear jeans, so just like you, I'll be getting some great tips from these outfits I've created...
Top - River Island, shoes - Topshop, jeans and blazer - both H&M, bag - Cath Kidtson 

Top and skirt - River Island, nail varnish - NARS, shoes - H&M, earrings - Topshop

Dress - Miss Selfridge, bag - Madwell, earrings and jacket - both Topshop, nail varnish - Deborah Lippmann 

What do you wear on the weekend? Please share!
P.S: there will no longer be 'Wednesday Space' as the post wasn't so popular so instead I shall create another weekly post starting next week!


5 People That Inspire Me Style-Wise

Alexa Chung
Jessica Alba
Olivia Palermo

Kate Bosworth
Lauren Conrad
Who are your style icons? Share in the comments box! Tuesday Ten coming up now!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Spring Trend #6: Coloured Jeans

Today I thought it would be fun to do another Spring Trend one I think will stick around along time. For those of you who are a little colour shy, try a different shade of blue, brown or black. For those of you who dare to be daring, then buy any and every colour imaginable! For my birthday (a post later on for my birthday wishlist!) I would like a red pair... 

Jeans, hat and bracelet - all Topshop, top - H&M, shoes - New Look

Top, jeans and sunglasses - all Topshop, shoes - New Look, nail varnish - O.P.I

Top - H&M, jeans - Topshop, nail varnish - essie, shoes - River Island

Bag and shoes - both River Island, jeans - Topshop, top - Oasis


Who I Thought Was Best Dressed At the Oscars...

Natalie Portman
Michelle Williams 
Maria Menounos
Penelope Cruz 
Stacy Keibler
Who do you think was best dressed? I for one, thought Michelle looked stunning!

Friday, 24 February 2012

The Best Street Style at LFW Fall 2012

Yes, unfortunately LFW is over, but Milan fashion has begun! I was doing my usual research and came across some rather amazing fashion week style here in London. Grab some great tips from these gorgeous outfits:

What was your favourite look? To see more street style at LFW, click here.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Paris in the Springtime!

Ahhh, the city of romance; only 5 weeks until I go to my school's music tour to Paris for four days! We go on the 30th March until the 2nd April and were travelling there by Eurostar, on the first day we are going to Disneyland, going up the Eiffel Tower and taking a boat trip on the River Seine. Then on the second we will sing in a children's hospital and in a grand hotel. Were singing Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri, Edge of Glory by Lady GaGa, Wherever You Will Go by the Calling (Charlene Sororia), Rolling in the Deep by Adele, Firework by Katy Perry, You Raise Me Up by Westlife and My Heart Skips A Beat by Olly Murs...and the best part about this trip is...its for free! I've heard that the weather isn't so amazing in the Spring, rather like England I guess - rainy and cold, but I'm sure I'll still enjoy it. I might even see a celebrity...yay!

Have you ever been to Paris? Share in the comments box the most amazing thing that happened to you whilst you were in Paris or if you haven't ever been to Paris, let me know where you would like to go. Speak soon!


Style Staples: Pippa Middelton's 4 Go-To Pieces

I've got to hand it to her. Despite what I imagine to be a limitless clothing budget, Pippa Middleton really knows how to recycle a wardrobe with the best of them. By filling her closet with classic figure-flattering pieces, Kate's little sister gets maximum mileage out of her high-low threads. Get inspired by here 4 go-to pieces...

Fitted Coats:

Layered Mini Dresses:

Structured Bags:

Skinny Jeans:


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wednesday Space

Traditional white cabinetry work perfectly with the dark green soapstone counters in the home's airy kitchen. I particularly like the black stools which also work perfectly with the counter top. If this were my kitchen, I would add some quirky features like a Parisian wall clock or a chalkboard fridge and write 5 hilarious things on there. Or maybe even a splash of colour and really bring out the green from the counter top with green seat cushions on the stools. I for one would die for this kitchen, its fairly small in terms of work space but I think how the interior designer has created this room, makes the kitchen feel more spacious and airy - anyone fancy buying me this house? That would be great, thanks.                                                                  

What's the best kitchen you've ever seen? Or more importantly, what's the best bit of interior design you've seen so far this year? Share your comments in the box below, bye guys!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tuesday Ten: The Working Girl's Style Staples

All clothes and accessories from Topshop

Calling all working ladies! Get your 9 to 5 chic on with these ten style staples for Spring...
  1. Plain black dress
  2. White button down shirt
  3. Top (in a colour, print or different variation from a shirt)
  4. Black pumps
  5. Holdall bag (or tote, or any large bag to carry all your things)
  6. Black trousers
  7. Simple flats
  8. Knitted jumper
  9. Blazer
  10. Coat
Remember these are just the basics and can vary in all different styles; consider what your comfortable in, your work environment (and your position), add your style too. You also may want a pair of boots, tights, scarf, jewellery, hat, gloves and different variations of the ten style staples I have chosen for you. Remember, black is always the safest option, but its boring - show your personality and style through your clothes. There might even be a promotion in for you!

Oh, and happy Shrove Tuesday (pancake day)!

Monday, 20 February 2012

THE FULL REPORT: Topshop Unique!

Yesterday was the Topshop Unique AW12 fashion show which showed at London Fashion Week, day 2! I've been keeping a close eye on their inspiration and the making of the garments, which led to me having to do a full fashion report, how could I resist? Topshop is the leading high street brand in the world, so how could I not do a full report on their Topshop Unique collection! I won't keep you waiting any longer, here you go...

The Topshop girl is all grown up, with mature silhouettes, fabrics and aesthetics. But leave all notions of prim at the door, because this is grown-up dressing like you've never seen before! Topshop found their inspiration   from uniform in all its guises. So military came to the fore, but also urban uniform dressing, like peaked caps, exposed zips and boots for stomping. They dreamt the collection up as a stream of pieces to be seen on the runway and worn on the street.

To a soundraack that spanned TLC, Roxy Music, MIA and Azelia Banks,the show was a blast of new season style. Pyjama dressing was key in their in-house designers had matched top to bottoms on several levels. Liquid-looking silk trousers billowed around legs, while velvet dungarees sat atop, the most beautiful hand knitted jumpers that screamed exquisite taste. Modest midi skirts were slashed to the thigh and kilts took a cool turn, belted at the hip and worn with a nonchalant swagger. Burnt orange hotpants on swinging hips were opulence personnified, while workwear pieces and outsized coats nodded to the team's military aspirations. Accessories told a strong story with large, functinal bags tucked under the models' arms and peaked hats piolting the way for headgear next autumn. The incredible team behind Unique created a standout collection of pieces that you instantly want to get in your wardrobe. Cute, spangled dresses, perfect pleats, motif jumpers, silk shirts and waffle textured jersey - I'm struggling to wait a whole season for it to land!

And let's take a moment and talk footwear and handbags! Spike-heeled boots with tough rubber soles - an update to brothel creepers that I can't wait to wear. Longer-length boots stopped halfway up the knee with riding style tabs on either side. I've seen equestrian chic, been there and done it but this was something fresh, somethng new. These were boots with an edge. And as for the handbags, they were super luxe! I was super crazy for the rucksacks and oversized totes that the models clutched under their arms with a cooler-than-cool-girl air that I'll be emulating come next season.


And as for the backstage part...

The Topshop team got to Unique bright and early. Backstage was a hive of activity; unpacking boxes of clothes, assembling clothes rails, lining up the model boards and making all the last minute stitching and steaming adjustments to the collection. As soon as the models arrived the mayhem really began, with Sam McKnight briefing in his team of hairdressers to perfect the glossy bed-head look, and make up maven Hannah Murray teaching her fleet of assistants how to get a strong brow and that lovely dewy complexion.
Oh and who was front row?

Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung, Pixie Geldof, Jameela Jamil, Nicola Roberts, Poppy Delevigne, and more, that's who. There couldn't have been a better front row if they tried! They were all very excited to see what the design team had to offer for AW12. 

And before you go anywhere, check out that café...

Boy o' boy, Topshop really had an amazing show, hoped you enjoyed all the photo's, speak soon!