Thursday, 27 July 2017

Sightseeing in Barcelona

Barcelona is one my all time favourite cities. With amazing shopping, food, sightseeing, architecture and the beach all on offer, it's not hard to understand why. 

Abandoning our luggage in the hotel, we headed straight to Lulu's in El Born.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

One Fire Beach and Sunset Cocktails, Amalfi

There's nothing quite like being in the open sea, is there? It's so much more open, wild and free than a pool. You suddenly realise how small and vulnerable you are in such a big world, in such a big sea. 

On our last day along the magical Amalfi Coast, we headed to Praiano for a splash, dive and a swim in the Mediterranean waters. We grabbed our towels, fetched a punnet of fresh Italian strawberries and hopped on the bus from Sorrento.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Exploring Positano

Positano is quite simply one of the most beautiful and extraordinary villages I have ever visited. 

Colourful buildings, bewilderingly perched on the side of the cliff, cascade down towards the open sea, where another myriad of colours from the umbrellas line up one by one facing the shore. It's peaceful, charming and utterly postcard-perfect. 

Waking up sharp, bright and early, we caught the bus to Positano from Sorrento.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Trattoria da Emilia, Sorrento

One of the most magical moments in a day is sunset.

Some are so beautiful that not even the strongest of words can quite describe the phenomenon before our eyes.

The sunset in Sorrento, however, is quite literally the best I've ever seen. The sun drowns and disappears into the endless sea, dispersing colours of peach, orange, red and indigo into the faded blue of the sky. After seeing it on our very first night, we decided to make the most of it by having dinner at one of Sorrento's best-known restaurants by the sea.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Jetting to Capri and the Grotto Azzurra

If I had a penny for every Instagram photo I've ever seen of Capri, I'd be one rich woman.

But, now I get it. The rocky island of Capri, located just off of the bay of Naples, is the most picturesque, classy and oh so glamorous place one could quite possibly visit in the world. 

On our third day along the Amalfi Coast, we jetted to this Italian paradise.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Eating Under Lemon Trees, Sorrento

On your upcoming trip to to Sorrento (that one you're planning in the very back of your mind after seeing this), you'll want somewhere lovely to go out for a long dinner.

Well I know just the place. 

It's tucked away in a rustic courtyard where lemon trees sprout in between tables and where local Italian music dances into guests' ears while they sip on the very best wine. Jess and I headed to this rather dreamy place on our second evening in Sorrento. But first, a beach day was to be had.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

A Summer Sojourn to Sorrento

Until this trip, I've never had the pleasure of visiting Italy. A Roman holiday always sounded delightful and a romantic trip to Florence was worthy of a dream. But finally I had the chance to experience the true Italian dolce vita with a whirlwind trip to the Amalfi Coast with my sister.

Italy most certainly lived up to all of my expectations - endless gelato, spaghetti, fresh wine and eternal sunshine. I'd be lying to say the trip wasn't truly perfect from beginning to end.

For now, let's dive into our first day.