Friday, 21 July 2017

Exploring Positano

Positano is quite simply one of the most beautiful and extraordinary villages I have ever visited. 

Colourful buildings, bewilderingly perched on the side of the cliff, cascade down towards the open sea, where another myriad of colours from the umbrellas line up one by one facing the shore. It's peaceful, charming and utterly postcard-perfect. 

Waking up sharp, bright and early, we caught the bus to Positano from Sorrento.

We arrived in the humid clouds.

But an iced coffee later and things soon brightened up.

We headed straight to Le Sirenuse, an exquisite 5-star hotel, to catch the most famous outlook onto Positano.

We meandered through the twisting pathways in direction to the sea. The streets are lined with boutiques and cafés, making the walk down a little slower as we gazed in, promising to stop by post-lunch.

Surprisingly, we anticipated that Positano was going to be as hectic and heaving with tourists as with Capri port. Yet, while it was busy, it still felt quiet, peaceful and not ruined by tourism in any way. I don't even remember catching the sight of a selfie stick.

Suddenly, we found ourselves at the grey pebbled beach, looking onto that view.

I would try to describe how awe-inspiring this sight was but somehow I think the photos speak for themselves.

It's as if this village hasn't changed an ounce since the sixties, oozing with retro charm. You can just imagine the glamourous Italian set of the golden era, sunning themselves up in high-waisted bikinis and headscarves with white-rimmed sunglasses.

We walked the length of the beach before searching out a perfect little spot for lunch.

And it wasn't long before we found a good place!

...for pasta, obviously.

Restaurant L'Incanto, perched on the beach, served us up our favourite meal of the entire trip (it was quite easy to make a list of favourites when we all we ate was pasta, pasta, pasta).

Pesto spaghetti with Parmesan.

Washed down with a crisp and refreshing Pinot Grigio.


Full tummies in tow, we stretched ourselves out with a little coastal walk.

I wanted to wear something feminine and floaty for glamourous Positano, and so this Topshop number (similar) got first pick, paired with statement gold jewellery to punctuate the summer appeal (and the tan). I love Accessorize jewellery for their good quality and good prices. Head straight there for all your summer jewellery dreams.

To carry daily essentials, I threw everything in this Zara straw bag (similar) which is complete with a whopper of a palm print lining. The look was finished off with simple sandals and my classic aviator Ray-Bans.

Jess, wearing her new Italian-handmade sandals she bought earlier in the day, wore a much more vibrant and playful look. She teamed the shoes with red floral shorts courtesy of Topshop (similar) and a striped cropped tee also from Topshop.

In need of a rest, a drink and a break from the sweltering sun, we stopped by for cocktails with Franco.

As part of Le Sirenuse, Franco's Bar is an alfresco bar with possibly the best view of Positano, for it looks over the sea, the town and the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta.

If you happen to find yourself in search of a cocktail in Positano, head here and make it an early arrival to grab a good seat.

We're more than certain we will return to Positano very soon. It will all be the same and for that we're marvellously happy.

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