Monday, 13 February 2012

Key Pieces to A Gorgeous Wardrobe! (Part 2)

Click here for part 1, in case you did not see it. Here are two more items that should be in any wardrobe. Personally, I think I need to buy more of these...

Collared Shirt: Some pieces are just classics, still kicking around eras after they originally made a splash. And while they may get an update every now and then, chances are you can wear the same exact item for at least a decade. I think a collared white shirt looks great on everyone (plus white goes with everything). I wear oversized versions, with the front tucked into indigo skinny jeans. A white shirt is an instant work-to-bar staple.

Skirt: A great skirt doesn't generally make a lot of people's must-have lists, but I think it's an essential. When you need to look a little bit fancy, a skirt is perfect. Sure, dresses accomplish the same thing (with the added convenience of being an entire outfit in one piece), but skirts are more versatile. You'll generally get a lot more bang for your buck wearing a skirt with flats and t-shirts for a casual look, paired with a blouse and heels for an evening out.

Boots: Whether they are embellished motorcycle style, flat riding boots or platform knee-highs, the perfect pair is based entirely on personal preferences. And boots definitely come in handy, particularly for in-between and colder seasons. But remember, they often face the roughest weather, so don't forget to get your boots treated before taking them for a stroll. If they are suede or real leather, you can buy protection sprays from any store, including retail shops like Topshop and New Look.

And finally...No, not just yet! To find the other four missing items, keep coming back!

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