Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hair-spiration: Braids & Buns

Someone please stop my obsession with braids and buns! I'm in love with them so much! I first created my Pinterest account to hold all of these beautiful pictures I found and pinning basically takes up 99% of my time, so no that much but I just love braids and buns so much! Whether they're together or separate. Intricate or messy, matte or glossy - I'm in love.

So from now until the end of August, every week I'll be posting pictures of hair-spiration (hairstyles I'm currently craving), tutorials, products and all things hair. The post won't be on any particular day, it will just be a weekly post. I hope you guys like this idea, I was trying to think of a cool name earlier that had a spin on the words August and hair but I couldn't think of anything so I called it Hair-spiration instead.

See my 'Hair' Pinterest page here. Enjoy!


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