Sunday, 11 August 2013

Zermatt Summer Photo Diary #3: Franz & Heidi (Findlerhof)

The third day of my little Zermatt series. This day we headed up to Sunegga to walk down to my favourite restaurant Franz & Heidi. It sits beautifully on the edge of the mountain, looking right at the Matterhorn. We all had cake, ice cream and drinks before we then trekked back down to Zermatt. The 1st of August is National Swiss Day so of course the town, restaurants and villages in the mountains were scattered with red and white celebrations. Our hotel always puts on such a lovely evening. The terrace is where it all begins with all of the guests mingling outside having the starters and champagne. Then it kicks off inside with yet again, a beautiful menu (pink-roasted steak in red wine sauce with courgette, cherry tomatoes and rosemary potatoes). Oh and how could I almost forget the desserts? The salad bar is transformed into a stunning dessert heaven with tiramisu, white chocolate mousse with berries, tarts, small, dainty pastries and much more. All the regular guests that go every year join each other in celebration of Swiss night. After having out tummies stuffed, we strolled outside for the oh-so-famous fireworks. They get better and better every year and they echo after each one trembles and bursts in the air. Champagne is brought round from the waiters and waitresses.

 The gorgeous lake up at Sunegga.

It's always nice to just stop and take in the precious view!

Arrival at Franz & Heidi (a.k.a Findlerhof). Just look at that view...

Mmmm, pistachio and citron sorbet ice cream - delicious!

My family and I all starving to begin the starters!

The fireworks are always so brilliant and awesome. The echo of the bang in the mountains is indescribable.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the evening as we always do.


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