Monday, 5 August 2013

Zermatt Summer Photo Diary Day 1: Touchdown in Zermatt

I'm back from Zermatt, Switzerland everyone! I had such an amazing time and am so excited to share my experience with you all. There will be 5 photo diaries as I was there for 5 days (not including the 6th day when we travelled home, I was too depressed to be taking photos!). On the day we travelled (Tuesday 30th July) there, the weather was absolutely awful in England. My family and I were all snuggled up in Club Class lounge in Terminal 5 watching the bitterly cold rain pour down! My mum's a nervous flyer so she was apprehensive about turbulence and bumps. I kept telling her that everything would be ok but actually, it was one of the bumpiest flights to Zermatt I'd ever had. However once we were above the clouds it was alright, and the weather was fine in Switzerland, so our landing was pretty good. 

We travelled on a British Airways Olympic Gold Bird Plane. We felt very special!

 My sister and I were at the front of the plane, and we loooooved the brunch meal we had. Ham and cheese croissant, fruit, a role with butter and jam and apple juice. Yum!

 My sister Jess thoroughly enjoying the meal! Her white shirt is from Topshop.

I love being above the clouds, it always looks little fluffy bits of cotton. 

We landed at Zurich and thought we'd have a little snoop round a famous department store there called Jemoli. We had a little cake and coffee before we headed to Zermatt on the train. 

My Nan and I having a little snap before we got off the train. Her white shirt I think is from Barbour, my top is River Island, my jeans are from Topshop and my sunglasses are by Religion.

 Touchdown in Zermatt baby!

Next photo diary will be up tomorrow. Be sure to check it out!


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