Monday, 5 August 2013

In-Flight Travel Essentials:

Travelling, especially long haul, can be very draining for your skin. The pollution, the pressured air on the plane, the stress pre-flight, excitement, anxiety, apprehension and nerves can all trigger skin to not look its best. About a week beforehand, treat your skin to a good detox and pamper session. Think luxury facials, massages, exfoliaters, masks, serums, oils and buttery moisturizers. However, there are few tricks and products to use while you're airborne. Above are the products I used while I was travelling to Switzerland (about an hour flight).

Soap & Glory Hand Food - This wonder product is super thick and luscious, it's a perfect little travel size so you can take it on board with you (as are all the products mentioned) and only needs a tiny bit to give hands a moisture boost and silky finish. Plus, the shea butter and marshmallow scent leaves your nose wanting a little bit too.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir - Used by many as a hydrating spray, makeup setter and refresher, I love this grape-scented spray to give a glow to my complexion and fight against the pollution in the air. It also smooths away fine lines, tightens pores and gives the complexion a real boost of radiance.

A Perfume of Your Choice - I'm loving my travel-sized L'eau de Chloe perfume. It's beautifully fresh and smells of roses and cedarwood. It reminds of Spring and it's always a good idea to smell good while travelling, right?

Caudalie Lip Conditioner - Also grape-scented (with notes of vanilla), Caudalie's lip conditioner hydrates, protects, repairs, moisturizes and provides numerous nutrients for the lips.  I always get super dry lips, especially while I'm flying, and this product is the lip balm I have ever tried. 

Facial Yoga - It's always good to give your skin a good exercise and boost, particularly while high up in the sky, when the pressured, unfamiliar air can drain and pull down your skin. Push it back up with a few tricks like tapping your fingers along your cheekbones to your nose, tilting your head back and kissing the sky etc. You may think people are looking at you weird, but honey, they're looking at how great your skin looks! Watch the video link to find out more ways to improve your skin.  

I also bought a mirror and hairbrush along with my little kit. 

If you're going long-haul, I would recommend giving your skin the whole boatload. Start by using something like Bioderma and a cotton pad to remove dirt, makeup and generally clean the skin. Then move onto eye cream. After, use a moisturizer like Origins Gin Zing, then serum and lastly an oil or night cream. The more you layer your skin, the more it will be protected and nourished. 

Happy travelling!


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