Friday, 12 August 2011

Relaxing, Clean and All-American - My Favourite Easy Decor Ideas...

Not outside your house, like in the picture, but I always like to hang my bags in my bedroom. I carry a bag everywhere I go. From a shoulder bag for essentials like tissues and lipgloss to a holdall to carry my ipad. I almost feel 'naked' without a bag, I don't know what to do with my hands?!! Also, I think they complete an outfit! So place them on shelves, hooks, on the floor or even bed-side tables. I just think hiding them away, Is like hiding away my hands?!!

I love outdoor furniture. Whenever I see outdoor 'tea-party' furniture displayed like this, I imagine a mother's meeting having afternoon tea whilst the kiddies play in the garden. I have no idea why, but I do! So I like outdoor furniture as it reminds me of my 'when I grow up, I want my superstar mansion to look like this!' drawings. Every house needs outdoor furnishings, whether its an expensive wicker chair with a leather cushion or an Alice In Wonderland Tea Party Set for Three!

I think neutrals like beige, white and light blue work best for at home. It gives an easy, relaxed atmosphere and its just generally a nice colour environment to live in. Everything goes with neutrals. Light blue and white stripes ALWAYS reminds me of the changing rooms in Crew Clothing - very New England (American) style!

At the moment (I have no idea why but...) I'm in love with the colour orange! Orange pillows, plastic oranges in a wooden dish (very effective you know!), orange flowers and orange juice - wherever I can display it, I will! Plus, like in this picture, it goes amazingly fantastic with beige!

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