Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Sorry That Just Din't Quite Fit...

Ashley Tisdale
Ashley, Ashley, Ashley... its the hair! Not only is there no volume but the blonde of her hair totally contrasts to the gorgeous cobalt blue dress. An updo, yes but brown (like she usually does) but curled and with oomph! To show off her amazing skinny waist, why not add a thin black belt but make it messy (ruche the material) for a more relaxed look. Loving the shoes, Ash!

Kyra Sedgewick
This beautiful dress makes her look to scrawny and old. Something long-sleeved but sophisticated, a bit like Brooklyn Decker's (but knee-length) at the Met Gala 2011. I love the shoes on her though!

Miranda Cosgrove
A little boring perhaps? Color-pop heels and layered bracelets would have looked great. I would have also had my hair down and curly. Its all to clean and neutral. A bit of colour and zing is all that's needed!

Jessica Alba
A cute outfit for 'out and about' the shops but if I were I her I would of paired those flared jeans with a tight fitted top to balance things out. Its all to big and bouncy. Although, I think the colours and everything else looks great.

Kourtney Kardashian
Its the shoes, as much as this pair of fierce nude Christian Louboutin's would look good with a purple minidress on the red carpet, they don't look good with a Summer casual jumpsuit. A pair of plain tan sandals would look amazing - not only would they match the belt but they would blend perfectly with the orange Hermes bag!

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