Monday, 25 July 2011

What To Wear To: A Garden Party

Its all about the dresses! Garden parties are back in style and I love this sweet, English fashion trend that designers like Erdem use in their collections. There's a dress for every style so I've told you what to pair with what style.

Miss Selfridge
If I bought this dress I'd... Add splashes of colour everywhere! Pair it with bright oxfords (Office have loads!) or black tights and neutral oxfords if your a bit colour-shy. Hair MUST be down as it may look too prim and polished. Taylor Swift has this dress, so why not pair it also with a cute saddle bag like her?!! She also added a black slip underneath to create a flouncy petticoat, take notes? YES!

If I bought this dress I'd... Add tan or gold accessories. Sandals are a complete must-have with this look but colour-wise I think tan would be best as a sandal. Layered jewellery and beachy waves is major to this style dress. Take a look at Vanessa Hudgens' style.

New Look
If I bought this dress I'd... Pair it with gold accessories to add a bit more warmth to the hues. I think the cue here is to keep it simple and minimalistic, keep makeup neutral and natural.

If I bought this dress I'd... Give it a sexy and edgy twist. As Its a garden party though -try not to make it too 'night club-like'. Pair this sludgy green dress with a black leather clutch, black tights, layered jewellery, a cute smokey eye and a hot pink pout!


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  1. Anonymous3:16 pm

    I love this post. It is really given me some inspiration for my outfits, you have an eye for fashion. Keep it up as I really enjoy reading your blog!!


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