Sunday, 24 July 2011

How To Get Rid of Spots Forever

WE ALL HATE (and have...) SPOTS!! They are so ugly and well, just a pain all over! But I’ve come up with an amazing remedy that really cures spots - not only does it take away grease, it also prevents spots from appearing and helps them vanish quicker!

  • STEP 1: Apply Neutrogena '2-in-1 Wash and Mask'. Personally, I use the refreshing wash in the morning and the soothing mask at night. It does work! Use it everyday (especially the wash) and within 2 days your spot will had gone and none will come back for ages!

STP 2: NO-one really knows this one, but I read it in a book, tried it and it works! Cut about 5 small pieces of sellotape. And on your t-zone (the area where most spots appear- forehead, nose and chin) stick the bits of sellotape on you face. Leave for about 5 mins and then take it all off. It will go red for about 30 seconds and then it will go away. It will feel sticky and and a bit weird at first but it will soon go away, and your spots will vanish within a flash! (This does not have to be done straight after applying Neutrogena) STEP 3: After doing the sellotape, just to tame the redness and the sticky weird feel, using a good face cream - soothe it on. No to much, as your skin will go all greasy again! Moisturizing is so important to the skin, especially the face! When your older (if you moisturize) your skin will be less wrinkly and more smooth!!

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