Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sorry That Just Didn't Quite Fit...

Ashley Greene
Did she forget her spray tan or did America loose the sun? A hot, sexy tan would have looked great with this sophisticated jumpsuit. However, it ages her completely! She's only 24 and in this picture I'd say she looks about 30, especially with classic red lipstick and glossy waves. Also the layered necklaces are a bit cheesy, I would have paired my jumpsuit with layered bracelets as the arms look bare, and colour-pop clutch and shoes.

Katy Perry
Well, did she borrow clothes from her great grandma? Katy Perry has completely change her style - from rubber suits to...grandma dresses?!! Personally, I would have just not worn the dress! I like her new hot hue though, and those cute peep-toe heels!

Serena Williams
Dress for your shape! I always believe the famous saying from Karl Lagerfeld, "shape before fashion". It's very true! Although this would look very hot on Audrina Patdrige or Ashley Tisdale, I think the top's too revealing, the skirt is too tight and shiny (consequently it makes her thigh's look huge!) and the jacket gives the image that she has extremely broad shoulders. Plus a splash of pink or red would have been nice. Take notes from Naomi Campbell, Serena!

Melissa George
Lingerie much? Its just all wrong, from the shoes to the hair, from the hair to the necklace! Also I wish she would have sunbathed the night before or got a spray tan! With her figure and hair - I would have taken style tips from boho-chic Vanessa Hudgens. And again, a nice pink or red hue could have looked great! Its all to plain and drab and simple!

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