Tuesday, 5 January 2016

My Favourite Bloggers of 2015

Rounding up my favourite bloggers of 2015 was quite the challenge. I discovered so many new blogs over the past year and fell back in love with some of my old favourites. Most of these below, I confess, are blogs that I've followed for years but they were definitely the blogs that inspired me the most throughout 2015. Let's take a look...
1. In The Frow - behold for some serious beauty envy. Victoria has the most beautiful hair and makeup - her beauty blog posts are the best. I love how detailed her blog is and her new design and layout is seriously making me turn green.

2. Gal Meets Glam - Although her style is not something I would wear, I for one love Julia's pretty polished looks. Her photography is just beautiful too - both of fashion and travel. Gal Meets Glam will also make you want to be friends with her pretty quickly - she seems so lovely!

3. Collage Vintage - I've featured a whole blog post dedicated to Sara's amazing blog so check this out.

4. The Londoner - Although called 'The Londoner' - this blogger is hardly ever in London! Prepare to 'ooh' and 'ahh' at Rosie's perfect travel shots from Bali, to Paris, to London to Iceland. This is a great blog if you're also a foodie and/ or fashion lover.

5. Kate La Vie - Known to me as Ghostparties (sorry, Kate), her former blog name. This beauty and lifestyle blogger has blogging photography down to a T. Kate La Vie features posts on home d├ęcor, beauty discoveries and even cocktail recipes (anyone else dying to try the salted caramel white russians? Me too!)

6. World of Wanderlust - This full-time traveler is living the life we all crave. I don't think there's much of the world that Brooke hasn't touched. Her detailed and thorough blog posts on all things travel will answer all of your wanderlust questions from 'The Seven Best Shoes For Travel' to 'The Best Places to Go in 2016'.

Who was your favourite blogger of 2015?

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