Wednesday, 5 January 2011

How To Get The Shiniest Hair Ever!

If your hair is looking dull and dirty, it's time to take some action. A few extra treats will soon have it back to its shiny, healthy best.
  • BE A WATER BABY - Just as drinking lots of water can help brighten your skin, a good dose of H2O can keep not only your spots away but the dirt too
  • LITTLE AND OFTEN - If your your hair is looking less than glamorous lather up a regularly with a mild shampoo to keep the dirt at bay
  • SHAMPOO DRY HAIR - If your hair is ultra-dirty try applying the shampoo straight onto dry hair - leave for a couple of minutes before you get to work with water
  • GET CONDITIONING - Condition your hair regularly to guarantee silky, shiny tresses.
OK so now you have shiny hair you need the perfect hairstyle. Here is a little help, just look in the mirror and study your face shape.
  • Heart shape - Go for a side parting which is chin-length. This compliment your chin and make it not look to pointy. A side parting because we don't want your forehead to be the focus point. If you fancy a fringe then go for a heavy, middle fringe (this will mean a middle parting too) as this will make your face look smaller.
  • Oval shape - Wow your so lucky! You can pretty much have anything! The only thing I will advise you is a fringe (any type of fringe). This will just balance everything out and not make the upper-half stand out.
  • Rectangle and square shape - Unfortunately your not as lucky. Go for a a side fringe because this will give shape to your face. Also it can be as long or short as you want. I personally would go for mid-length.


  1. Hey Emma, its Aggie! Great tips, I love your ite, its really cool, take a look at my site, I just got it up and running, its just about Music. Its not too glam at the moment. Much Love :) xx

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  3. Hey emma great post i got a new website its (by the way theres no full stop after www) xx :)

  4. OK! wow thanks Amy. I will go on it and take a look x Thanks for reading my blog!


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